Friday, November 22, 2013

Guess Who's Back! *Commence Epic Music*

Hi, my wonderful blog readers!

I am so sorry! I haven't posted to here in over a month and I don't have too many screenies to boot (basically because at this point I am running on zero hours of sleep and approximately one million cups of coffee) so I bring you lists of shenanigans that Jigg and I have been up to!
  • We were gone for the whole month of October and came back around Halloween. During this month, I was busy with my crochet stuffs and we both got distracted by various video games.
  • We rebirthed! Woot woot! 3rd RB! Screenie for this[searches frantically]...maybe I'll post one later...
Please take this Spock GIF as an acceptable substitute while I look for screenshots.
  • We grinded like crazy!

12 days of grinding! Sorry, they aren't cropped. So sue me.
  • We reached 500...again!

Now we are 535, killing for origins at Gem! Only have about 200 more to go, so wish me luck on my quest to hit 30k magic damage!

Also missed my 8 month anniversary! Although if you count my breaks, I've only been playing for 6 months. Almost 4th RB in 6 months! That is crazy! Hoping to get 4th RB level by Christmas. Notice how I didn't say 4th RB outright. Well that is because Jigg and I are planning on rebirthing around 740 (if I remember correctly, sleep deprivation is setting in...) so that we can get out of the ultimate bad grinding area. So wish me luck, you wonderful people, and have an amazing Friday and weekend!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I Whistle While I Work

Good morning, lovely people!

Warning! A lot of real life related content after the read me.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I'm So Excited! And I Just Can't Hide It!

Good afternoon, wonderful readers!

Sorry for the delayed post, been really busy with real life things and just kind of forgot about this blog until I had a moment of down time. 

This weekend was a little hectic and I'm sure everyone and their brother heard about all the drama, considering it was unfortunately posted on the forums. Now I personally did not respond to this outrageous spectacle but my lovely friend Buns posted the whole ordeal on his blog, so if you would like to see everything, just head on over to his awesome blog.

I also have a 90+ minute video of the whole fiasco but personally, I would just like to let sleeping dogs lie and hope this whole thing will just blow over. 

I grinded a lot this weekend, as my goal was to reach Vestiges SD level range before PH was over. Even with the whole fiasco and whatnot, managed to reach my goal. I reached 544 and Jigg reached 545. Almost to my favorite origin hunting spot!

Now for exciting-not-related-to-our-server-but-still-relevant news, Korea has released teasers for the new Awakenings. Here is the official news for it from the Korean website and here is the very excited post I made about 2 seconds after I found out about it.

I can't wait to see what the official news is on each of these (but especially Archer and Lancer) but until then will just have to speculate and be really, really excited for it.

Though I would like to do this to my waiting time as well.

One last thing! Happy birthday to Arcantos, and I'm sorry I didn't get to say this to you in game!

Other than that, not much else to report! Have fun Prandel, good luck and happy hunting.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday Bash!

Hello, Redstone community!

My husband, Jigg, came up with this really fun idea that I think would help promote happiness and camaraderie. If you want to see his post on it, here you go!

But if you don't feel like clicking links and whatnot, I'll explain it the best I can.

So we thought it would be cool if we started something where people could list their in-game name, their real life birthday, and maybe a little something they could want that we could give them (within reason, of course). Also we would send them a little happy birthday message and just make sure they are having a great day.

I'll even start a list on here and if anyone else would like to chip in for other people's birthdays, it could turn into a really fun thing!

Now for some birthday gifs because I love gifs.

So if you would like to sign up, just leave a comment! Remember the 3 important things: IGN, IRL birthday, and a couple different options as to what you would like!

Orange is the New Black

Hello, world of Prandel!

Just a short update post!

Jigg and I finally reached our 2nd rebirth, which we all know is my origin piece rebirth, and it only took me 7 weeks this time to go from 1st RB to 2nd.



Rebirthed a little low but made it up in a couple hours and now hunting at Gem for Origins, so don't expect any exciting updates for a while until after I finish off these last 800 pieces.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here, Have All the Screenshots!

Good afternoon, blog readers!

I have been grinding a lot this weekend and gained a whole lot of levels. Unfortunately, just as Jigg and I were about to try and do our second run of Molinar SD correctly this time (with the help of the wonderful guide at Redstone Hunter this time), the server just seemed to crash.

Before I could get too angry, though, I tried OGP's website and see that they have a two-hour time slot dedicated to server maintenance, so can't be angry at that.

Still wasn't too happy about it though.

Jigg and I grinded our butts off this weekend, and even with being in a full PT most of the weekend, gained quite a bit of levels.

We decided to have Jigg have extra wisdom so that he can reach RB level sooner, and then when he does, drop him until my Archer is the same level. That way he can work on an alternate toon that he has been wanting to make for quite a while.

Now for some fun screenshots for all of you to enjoy!


Latest update on my MQ rewards! Only 2 more until I can start upgrading Alchemy.

Finally finished these two. 
I have a bad habit of putting off quests and so decided to upgrade these two for extra space on both BC and Jigg while he was at work.
And, wow, Porter Quest 5 took me over 3 hours to complete.


Dropped the 2nd best DXU Knowledge Archer Armour and totally forgot to SS until after I NX'd it. Ugh, so mad at myself for forgetting that.

Almost did the same thing with my new hunting bow. I had this at 1/2 x2 and thought, "What the heck, if it breaks, it breaks. If not, well then I'll have a pretty good hunting bow."
So that's how my thought process went when I mirrored this weapon.

So I decided to NX it to give me a bit more damage and with it and my luck shoes I've shown before, I don't really have to add any luck at all.


This is the first full PT I have ever been in outside of Guild related things.
Luckily we had RSD 6 I believe, so experience didn't suffer too much.

My Waterfall damage with a Great Dragon Horn, no debuffs.

My Waterfall damage with a Great Dragon Horn with Jigglypuff's Super Nova.
We are a very strong combo and I love it.

Switched to Power for these last 20 or so levels to conserve Great Dragon Hearts. 
This is my damage with my lovely new hunting bow with a Blade Oil, just Seeker, since you can't really tell what it is with Chaser.

 See, I told you so.

And to finish off this huge compilation post of all the fun screenshots I had, have a picture of 3 rebirth archers sitting leisurely in Brun.

Thanks goes to XxSakixX and Kirishima for putting up with my dozens of Screenshots.
We looked for a 4th RB archer to round it off but none were online sadly.

Speaking of RB Archers, a huge congratulations to Saki for (finally haha) becoming 4th RB. Now you all can stop pestering him about when he is going to rebirth.

Only 20ish levels until I get to RB myself, so hopefully will get that in a week or two! 

So until next time, faithful readers, good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sea Turtles, Dolphins, and Leveling - Oh My!

Good evening, Redstone players!

This weekend was a blast for Jigg and me, though we didn't get to experience the PH much. Sunday we actually did one of the most amazing things that  I've done ever: we went snorkeling with wild sea turtles and saw Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Unfortunately we were unable to get in the water with the dolphins as the tour we were on was strapped for time. But we did snorkel in two different spots and I swam with three different sea turtles and feed these awesome little fish that ate fish food right out between your fingers. I will have to post pictures later if any of them turned out good.

In game, things were pretty quiet, not too many people grinding at my current spots. Decided to take Panda to try out Molinar 5F, and the experience there was decent and drops were pretty good. 

The only problem I had there was the fact that when a bell was rung, the drops would just explode and that combined with the enemies attack animations and my own waterfall animation (even if changed to pretty green bubbles) would lag out my screen.

These were my drops without a bell, now you can only imagine with.

Even though I got a lot of drops, there weren't really any notable U drops, though my guildies were having great drops left and right. We did manage to pack on some levels in the little time we did play.

We did try our hand at Molinar 6F and found that I could kill there very effectively and the same at Forest in Time Elves, which all this makes me love Knowledge Archer just that much more.

If only I could hug my Archer, we'd be best friends for sure.

Besides these not too exciting developments only one more, not-related-to-Redstone-whatsoever I will actually be opening an Etsy this weekend and I'd love it if all of you would check it out when I get it up. 

Until next time, I love all of you wonderful people. Good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Success Tastes So Sweet!

Good afternoon, Prandel!

This past week or so has been quite busy for Jigg and me, so haven't leveled too much. This past weekend, though, the released the August events, which looks like it could be fun, and we had a long PH weekend. Jigg and I really didn't grind much until late Sunday night/early Monday morning.

Since we had just gotten paid and last week was our anniversary but we were poor, we decided to celebrate and to spread the good feelings, I decided to ring a bell, so hopefully you all were on to experience that!

We were grinding at Motel 2F, one of my favorite grinding spots because of the raw experience and all the mobs are so close together. During the bell, I was getting a little over 1 million from the Ghost Armours, and Jigg, being pure wisdom, was getting well over 1.6 million. 

I ended up getting 14 levels and Jigg got 16, once more outleveling me with his wisdom build.

Fun fact, it took me exactly 9 weeks again to reach 600 again, just like last time. At this rate, 3rd RB will be 10 October and 4th RB will be 12 December. I hope for sooner but we'll just have to wait and see.

I know that I said I was working on getting origin pieces but unfortunately this PH weekend messed that up, making me level too quickly, so I decided that I would finish the last 900 or so pieces during my 2nd rebirth.

So now I am just focusing on grinding, and will rebirth as close to 500 as possible, so that I can just go straight to Gem room and start collecting pieces.

Also, this week they are doing a mirror sale and I realized that I hadn't shown off a couple gears that I made so here are some much need screenshots for you lovely readers.

Now the reason that I don't enchant/mix/mirror more of my gears is because I like to take a safe way to getting my mixed gears. I try to get multiple (at least 2) of any gear that I want to improve and then enchant until I have 2 similar mixed gears. Take, for instance, my Stray Stalker. Before I will try to enchant it with something else, I will try to get another 2x Fast Attack Stray. That way, if one of them were to fail, I will not be at a loss for gear. I will always have a back up. 

Though of course it is the best thing ever when it succeeds.

Of course, this could take longer and maybe cost more depending how lucky I am, but I prefer this over just enchanting willy-nilly and hoping for the best. 

Each to their own, I suppose.

Besides that, haven't had any real exciting drops to mention. Just a bunch of nab unique items that I broke to get a bunch of pieces. Didn't have any GvGs and unfortunately Jigg and I were not around for the SW, and we ultimately lost but this weekend, we should be taking back our beloved level 4 hall.

Until next time, my lovely readers, good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Much Needed Update About Basically Nothing

Afternoon, my beautiful blog readers!

It's been a week or so since I last posted, mostly because my in game life has been mostly just more of the same: hunting at Golden Swamp for Origin Pieces.

I did manage to finish the second part and now I am about 100 pieces into the final 1000, so that is pretty exciting! The trade off with trying to hunt as many origin pieces as possible, though, is the fact that I really don't level too quickly. I think I get more collective experience from the four minutes it takes to complete two runs of Vestiges SD than I get in eight hours of grinding.

On another note, the guild has been growing and we have a lot of nice people in our guild. We still do not have an emblem, though, since our guild storage bugged and we lost all of the pieces that we had acquired to try and make an emblem, along with a few of Saki's own items, so that was terrible.

This past Saturday was our first time defending our GH in a SW, due to losing the top spot by a mere couple hundred points. We defended against Exclusive and I must say, it was really difficult. Both sides had a full pt or close to it, and we fought to the very end. We luckily defended our GH 4 and I think Saki is very grateful, since that means he can still do his GD's.

But thank you, Exclusive, for the best and most challenging SW I have ever attended.

We had another fun GvG, this time taking on some of the Titans of our game, and my second time facing Fresh. Prii joined us on Inspirit, so she got a video of the whole GvG. 

Thank you Prii for recording and uploading these videos.

That was a lot of fun and hopefully we can GvG them again. If anyone would like to GvG Ichigo, feel free to PM our lovely Guild Master XxSakixX, or you can leave me a message as well!

Besides that, nothing too exciting to tell you. Been focusing a lot on art and working on my novel at the moment, so you may not see this ugly mug too often around Brun, but if you do see me, feel free to say hi!

Until next time and next update, have fun, good luck, and happy hunting!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Knowledge Lancer

Hello, blog readers!

I've been asked by a number of people how it looks to grind as a Knowledge Lancer/Archer, so I thought I would make a video of me grinding at my current spot, Golden Swamp Cave B2, as I hunt for Origin Pieces.

Leave any questions, comments or concerns below.

Besides that, hope you have an awesome day and happy hunting my friends.

Caught in the Twilight Zone

Good early morning, Prandel population!

I know, I know I haven't posted in a long time, due to the fact that all I've been doing is very boring really. I'm not grinding for levels at the moment, but for origin pieces but that is for another post.

This post is about our really fun GvG against Twilight, and I must say I was once again nervous about entering this GvG. Does that nervousness ever go away, readers? That slight sense of unknown and excitement, going into battle with you brethren at your backs, your enemies in their places, and your heart races just a bit as the flood gates open. Maybe it dissipates after the constant harrowing battles, but to be honest, I hope it never goes away. It makes it just that much more exciting and that much more memorable.

We had a much larger turn out this time around, though the other side also brought along a nice bit of people, and it was interesting seeing the difference between maneuvering a small, tight-knit group and coordinating with two larger groups, and how you have to adjust your strategy accordingly.

I did not record it, since my connection has been a bit laggy lately, and I didn't want that to be another factor in dying. Luckily, Prii showed up mid-battle to help her guild and she got at least her point of view on most of the GvG.

Thank you Prii for recording and uploading this to YouTube.
Though our name is "Ichigo" not "Ichiego".

As you can see, it was an interesting GvG, even if Prii sped it up and edited some of it out, haha. There were also a number of heavy hitters and big names there, so it was challenging as well. In the end, we ended up with this score.

I can say, the only person to kill me was Prii, so not too shabby on my part, though there were quite a few scares from other toons, and I'm sure the only things that saved me from them were full healing potions, panacea and a bit of running, 

Also, with much deliberation and thought, I think I have found a way to counter her bottle throw, but we won't know until next GvG! So we should GvG again real soon, because it was a lot of fun and I'm really beginning to see why GvG can be so addicting.

Until next time and next GvG, have fun, good luck, and happy hunting!