Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Revamped Blog

Hello, blog readers!

Just a little update post about the blog. Changed a few things and got rid of a lot of clutter. Decided that a lot of the links would look better in a drop down menu rather than taking up a lot of space on the sides. Now the side consists more of updating content (such as other blogs and YouTubes) and my own blog related information. 

Hopefully we all can agree it looks better.

Also took a note from Prii and decided to add a clock that has current in-game time, which I know is really helpful for me since my brain is sometimes too frazzled to try and convert the time. They really need to add an in-game clock but until then, you can look here or at Prii's blog for ease of mind.

Besides that, nothing new. I had to have surgery on Tuesday so I'm recovering at the moment and Hades has been playing for both of us while I supervise (a.k.a. yell at him from the background like the backseat driver I am). Hopefully in the next couple days, I will feel a lot better and I won't have to bother Hades to pick up light blue items or tell him to stop chatting so much because he is messing up spawn time.

Still love you, though.

Meanwhile, I will be working on my art for the art contest and eating lots of soup so that I can recover. Also, if you have a YouTube or a blog, let me know and I will add it to my list. Until next time, lovely people, good luck and happy hunting!

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