Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Knowledge Lancer

Hello, blog readers!

I've been asked by a number of people how it looks to grind as a Knowledge Lancer/Archer, so I thought I would make a video of me grinding at my current spot, Golden Swamp Cave B2, as I hunt for Origin Pieces.

Leave any questions, comments or concerns below.

Besides that, hope you have an awesome day and happy hunting my friends.


  1. Nice 23k damage! >.<b
    How's going your limit break lv2 quest?
    You already have 200+ when I asked last time, and during ph could you get more origin of piece?
    I still need 11 more origin of pieces for getting lv1 T_T

    By XxSakixX

  2. Hi. Nice post:) can you give more details about your build stats and gear? Know lancer looks like fun but is it a success only because of op gears/rb/pets/event dh's/combined etc....hope that made sense;) give us mere mortals some reasurance.
    And, if you are feeling brave, chuck it all onto the ogp class forums too!:)

    All the best,

    1. Hi! (This is Black Canary, just too lazy to log out of Jigg)

      Well, I am constantly switching up my build, this build above I believe is basically me just running with the bare minimums to wear my gear and then pumping the rest of my stats into knowledge. But with these past events where I got a couple dozen restat scrolls, I am always switching up my build and finding a happy balance for PvE and PvP.

      My gear here is purely water based, such as tattoo and wearing Wasserdrache, and using a Philosopher's Spear for my lancer side. The best thing I have is a 1/3 Knowledge Florence, which gives me a nice extra 180 or so knowledge. I'm also using avoid gear so that I don't have to worry about investing into luck.

      If you want, you could actually use fire gear to hit these high numbers much sooner but I simply prefer water for my archer side, and since a fire build/gear has slightly different requirements than water, I prefer to stick with just one side.

      So you can see, my gears aren't super "OP" and I'm only 1st RB, though I am sure once I get that pretty purple circle, I will be able to hit a lot harder. The light minipets definitely help, since each one gives me a nice boost in knowledge. In this video I am using Dragon Hearts (but not Dragon Horns, actually not using any sort of buffs whatsoever) but if you have two dark mini's and Ancient Goddess Bonus, you really don't have to worry about CP costs at all.

      And trust me, I am as mortal as you, probably more squishy, in fact. Plus, I'm not sure anyone would actually care to see this video. I just did it for fun and for some people who wanted to see how well a Knowledge Lancer grinds. I highly recommend trying out a knowledge lancer/archer, since it is tons of fun. It does take some gear and some time but in the end, I think it is totally worth it.

      Hopefully all of that made sense and helps in some way. If not, leave another message and hopefully I can get it right the second time around!

      Best of luck!

  3. Ty for your post:)
    Sounds like fun, I must try it out soon;)
    1 thing: ancient goddess thing from mini pets is what exactly??

    1. Hello again!

      So Ancient Goddess Bonus is a mini-pet bonus that you receive when you have 2 of each mini pet (fire, water, wind, earth, light and dark) all of which are at least level 30 and have evolved into their inorganic state. You also have 4 of any minipets at any level and any stage of evolution.

      There is actually a post on the forums that I'm sure explains it much better than me.

      Hopefully this helps!

      Have a great day!

  4. Ahh that mini pet bonus thing. :( I had actually seen it on kliens blog but wasnt sure.
    Sounds far too pay2win for my likes:(. All those pets 'needed' for 'a' bonus :/ maybe in the long run I guess, but when I get a mini pet I usually just stick with it for ages. Such is ogp rs huh:(
    Thanks for your posts.
    All the best,