Saturday, June 29, 2013

Post All the Cute Things!

Happy Saturday, Redstone players!

I've posted recently on the forums is my gender-bend thief/monk.spent a great deal of time on her so tell me what you think! Hope you like her.

Oh, and speaking of artsy, creative stuff, here is something a little off topic and not related to Redstone. I really, really love Pokemon. It got me through some really tough times, like my Dad's deployments and my friend's suicide. I've been playing every since I was a kid and I recently picked up crocheting. So, I decided to try my hand at crocheting all the Pokemon, all 600+, and I've started off with the Eevee evolutions, since I've always loved them.

So here is one of them. If you would like to see more, tell me in the comments!

Leafeon. Face not included....yet.

Also, I do scarves and hats, and they are not always related to Pokemon. Like, here is a scarf that when rolled up, looks a little bit like sushi.

Here is is all unrolled and not sushi-like. Ignore my Supernatural shirt. 

Delicious, no?

So there you have it, folks. My artsy side, both Redstone and real-life nerd related. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Please Buy My Stuff and Help the Poor

Good morning, Prandel!

Super quick post then you can be on your merry way!

I have some useful items for sale, since Jigg and I are trying to clean up our banks and storage alternate and figured someone else may want/need them. So if you want any of the items, feel free to PM me or Jigg in game.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brains Versus Brawn: The Struggle Between Knowledge and Power

Good afternoon, my wonderful readers!

This post is actually exceptionally long and I apologize for that, so I'm adding a "Read More" if you would like to delve further into this post. If not, just keep scrolling!

I will love you either way.

Friday, June 14, 2013

GvG: A Fresh Look at the Game

Good evening, Prandel!

Hope you are all doing well. I know that things are slowly getting better for me. I mean, look two posts in one week, brought to you once more by my lovely Kindle. That hasn't happened in a long time, sadly, but hopefully I will post more in these upcoming days.

Ok, so nothing too interesting to report personally. Gained a couple levels and got another thousand Dragon Hearts during the Monster Invasion event. I really enjoy that event, especially since every hit that you land equals another box in your inventory. I usually just go Lancer for it and just use Entrapment Piercing, and generally my inventory fills up faster than I can keep up. 

I know it is harder for people without Alacrity or Luck, especially those lame super avoid Chickens with their stupid AOE move. That's why I wish that if you were in a party, that the extra boxes you don't receive due to a full inventory would at least go to someone else who may need them. That way everyone benefits and no one misses out on the event merely because the enemies have crazy avoid.

With this magical GIF, I wish you all a lux box next event.

Today was also interesting because I got to experience my first GvG ever and it was against Fresh. I wish I had gotten a video of the GvG so you can see my constant dying, but, unfortunately, I did not have a recording program on my computer and was too engrossed in the battle to take screenshots. So if you happen to have a video, post a link or email me the video and I will love you forever and of course, credit you for helping me and being awesome.

Anyways, it was fun but I must say, I had no idea what to expect and I kind of came into the whole thing blind. Jigg was still at work but I was hoping he would come home in time to at least be in most of the GvG. 

So I brought along his Princess, figuring that I could just body hide. Unfortunately, the main PT that my Archer was a party of filled up before Jigg could join, so I thought that as long as I moved her away from the action (and I mean far away) no one would bother her, since she would be bubbling until her rightful owner came home from work.

I mean, maybe it's just me, but it seems kind of underhanded to attack a toon that is not only obviously not being played but is so far from the heat of battle to actually be seen as a threat. 

I guess I was wrong, though, and while playing my Archer, I saw Jigglypuff's name flash in the corner of my screen, stating that she had been killed. I felt bad, like I had basically given the other team 600 free points. I felt even worse for bringing her since Jigg didn't come home until about 5 minutes before the GvG ended, so it was just a waste of time to bring her and I handed the other team a free target to bash on for points.

But enough about his toon, let's talk about how mine did in her first ever GvG. First off, like I said before, I was most definitely not prepared. I had forgotten a couple gears and was in general, felt like I was trying to focus on a hundred things at once. Seriously, if it weren't for my Lancer's Sidestep and Dummies, I think I would have died twice as much as I did.

Also, with their Priest's Tower on, my knowledge moves were rendered almost useless, though our other lovely Knowledge Archer Saki did amazing and brought in most of our points. I think, though, for me at least, I would have been much better as a Power Archer/Lancer and maybe would have actually brought a couple people down. 

At the end it was funny. For some odd reason, the Necromancer on their team decided that I was their new target of interest and even though I couldn't kill them due to Tower, I thought it could be fun to see how far they would actually follow me from the main fight.

I don't know, maybe they thought I was a threat (as if haha) or maybe they just thought I was cute. Either way, I lead them pretty far from the battle and I have to say it was funny since all they were doing was lowering my accuracy (I think, though I'm not too well versed in Necro skills), so that was mildly entertaining for the ten seconds it lasted.

I feel that the Necro would not like me laughing.

(continue reading for BC's take on GvG and etiquette)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

600 is a Beautiful Number, isn't it?

Good evening, my wonderful blog readers!

So, I apologize for the absence of posts as of recent. I have been on sort of a mini break from Redstone, and with lack of play comes lack of posts, unfortunately. Just sort of sorting out my own life and that sort of thing. I promise that I will be returning very soon as the super grinding machine that you have come to know and (hopefully) love me as.

I have been around Prandel every once and a while, and I'm usually logged in for the fun events that our lovely GMs have been doing. I've gotten quite a bit from the Monster Invasion event, actually, and I should probably post a screenshot of all the awesome things I've gotten from it. Unfortunately, my laptop has a broken screen, so the only way I can use it is to hook it up to the television, which at the moment, it's currently being used for gaming purposes. Luckily, my Kindle is internet capable and that is how I am bringing you this lovely post.

From just these last few Monster Invasion events, though, that I can recall, I've gotten six Luxurious Boxes and three Special Christmas Boxes, at least five each of Stat and Skill Redistribution Scrolls, 70 Great Dragon Horns, and way too many Dragon Hearts, and Sword and Armor oils. I will post screenshots, though, so you can see exactly what I've reaped from this event.

With all those restat and reskill scrolls, I have actually switched back to Knowledge and oh, how I have missed thee. I swear, blog readers, magic is in my blood. This girl here is no muggle, and I think I was always destined to murder things with raining fire and deadly water.

Weird destiny, I know, but just go with it.

Also, as you may know, we have been having power hours throughout June, one in the early morning for me and one in the early afternoon. I try to attend these as best I can, but due to outside forces I cannot control, I do miss these quite a lot. But in the half dozen I have attended, I have achieved something quite amazing.

I reached level 600 in 9 weeks. 

I can't believe it! I thought it was closer to three months but nope, only a little over two. That is crazy! I mean, check me if I'm wrong, and please tell me if I have screwed up my math somewhere. But I have checked my calendar three times and it's really only been 9 weeks. 

Feels like I've been with you guys forever.

I promise I will post a picture of this glorious achievement once I am back on my computer, but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Oh and this picture of Rapunzel imitating my happy dance.

Because I was totally doing this before Disney got their hands on it.

Also, one more thing to address. I guess I've gained quite a following, from what others have told me and just the sheer amount of you that PM me in game, and I'd just like to apologize. I know that some of you have PM'ed me before and I just never responded and you probably think I am some stuck up person who thinks that they are so much better than you. 

Let me tell you, I don't think that. At all.

I get so happy when people PM me and tell me that they love my blog or they agree with this post or even ask me how to build an archer. It seriously brightens my day. Sometimes, though, I leave my computer on at night, since like I said it is hooked up to the TV, so I can fall asleep to Netflix or music. Usually while I do this, I leave Redstone up in the background, in case anything interesting happens or, even more exciting and awesome, someone PM's me.

Alas, neither usually happens and I end up falling asleep for a good 9 hours and in that time, I will get PMs and things, which I obviously cannot respond to. I do, though, when I wake up and see such a message, I usually try to respond right away, but usually that person has logged off and I feel really bad.

So know this! I love, love, love it when people PM me and tell me things or ask me stuff. Makes me really happy that I'm getting my name out there in Prandel. So feel free to PM me and tell and ask me whatever you want. Just know that I may not respond at that very second or even hour, but I will try to respond.

Anyways, I think this post is right about finished. I do want to say that I should be coming back from my break with a week or two so expect me to be back with bells on. (That is a saying, guys. I'm too poor to actually bring bells so the server can be super happy for a hour.)

Until then and until next time, good luck and happy hunting.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Why Does This Even Need To Be Discussed?

Hello, Redstone players.

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't really been around Prandel much lately. Mostly just logging to check on people and do SDs and GDs with a friend. I have, however, been perusing the forums, and first, a bit of news dealing with just me.

I love drawing, especially character design, and the artwork of Redstone is quite wonderful. So, since I have been playing this game quite a bit, I decided to try my hand at doing Genderbend counterparts to our beloved classes. I thought it would be cool to be able to choose whether you would like to be male or female. Just imagine seeing female thieves or male witches, and considering our game already glitches, putting class skills on items they have no business being on, why not?

So here is my try at a Genderbend Squire/Warrior, which I thought turned out quite well. As I said, it isn't the best quality due to my lack of scanner and odd lighting, and thus a lot of detail is missing. I also decided that it wouldn't really make sense to draw a separate Squire and Warrior, due to the fact that in the only difference between the two is a shield, hence the added shield.

I am currently working on the Thief/Monk Genderbend, which I think will also just be a single person. The only other one that I know for sure will be one representing both will be for the Tamer/Summoner, which already basically looks the same no matter how you slice it. I might also do this for Lancer/Archer, though still unsure, considering the weapons are very different and very large. 

I will post my artwork as soon as I have it finished and hopefully you all will like it.

Okay, now on to the part which is what the title of this post is based off of.

I am adding a read-only and a warning: please don't read on if you are easily susceptible to butt-hurt or are going to post vile, troll-like things in the comments.