Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Vacation and Finally 200

Hello, everyone! 

Due to the busy times that is our vacation, Hades and I have only just gotten to 200. Though not exactly the highest on server, (I hear there are people nearing 400, congratulations!) I am very proud to have gotten that far with the little time I have played.

What I love about the new server is all the people! Though I have met some rude people, the vast majority has been extremely friendly and I'm happy to be making new friends. I love seeing full parties and people working together.

Which reminds me, if you ever see one of us grinding, don't be afraid to ask for PT. I'm happy to give it and I will really only deny you if you've been a major jerk quite a few times to me. Besides that, I love partying with people and making new friends!

So I don't have Redstone related pictures, but how about pictures from my vacation? Extra points if you can guess where these are!

Hope you enjoy those pictures! Until next time, my wonderful blog readers, I hope you are having a fantastic time both in game and in real life, and good luck and happy hunting! 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Helpful Links!

Hello everyone! 

Though our time has been very limited, Hades and I have gotten to 150! I will add screenshots later, as once more I'm updating from my phone.

But I did want to make a post to help some people who had been asking where I get my information. I will add these links to the sidebar (and get rid of some outdated ones) but for now, here these are!

  • The best (and actually updated) T-set guide I have found so far. It has Maid but it seems that Dark Sorceress doesn't have T-set yet,  at least according to that chart.
  • Of course, Redstone Hunter. On there, you can find item lists, secret dungeon guides, and other helpful information. 
  • Stoneage Sushi. Very similar to Redstone Hunter, though my favorite thing on it is the comprehensive maps that tell you exactly what and where mobs spawn.  
  • An amazing skill simulator. I use this because I'm super impatient and I want to know exactly how many skill points and/or levels until I max out all the skills I want.
  • Guild Dungeon guides. Helpful because I know not everyone knows how to run them.
I hope at least one person finds some useful information through this post.

Basically, I just hunt around and read as much as I can. I love learning new things and the fun thing about Redstone is you can always learn something new. 

Redstone, especially to new people, can be a little overwhelming and a lot to take in but as long as people choose to help and to work to better the community, we can all grow stronger.

Until next time, good luck and happy hunting! 

Friday, December 05, 2014

Guardians is Open for Business!

Hello everyone!

Jigg (or should I say, Hades) and I have been hard at work and we have finally done something we have been wanting for a long time. We have our own guild!

It's still very much in its infancy but let me know if you would like to join. We are recruiting any active, friendly people, new or old, who love the game. Right now we only have four members but hopefully we will grow. Just let me know in game or on here if you would like to join us!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Let's Begin

Hello, everyone!

Excuse the lack of pictures and screenshots as I am updating the blog on my cell phone! While on vacation Jigg and I were able to get our hands on a computer and try out the shiny new server. Granted it took a lot of time, a bit of computer knowledge, and a godly amount of patience to get it to run correctly but we eventually were able to get into the game. 

We decided to have me create my character first since I will be doing most of the damage while Jigg will be support on his priest. I, of course,  am running a power archer again and with about three hours, I got to level 39 all by my lonesome. As for my name, you'll just have to keep reading to find out! 

I did experience the odd party bug (and my hopes are that it is a bug and not intentional) where partying with another person cuts your experience by nearly 60%. Now I'm always happy to party, even with severe cuts but I know this just mostly discourages people from partying in the first place. 

I believe,  like many MMORPG's, there should be a system that encourages party, such as a slight increase in experience or a bonus to drop chance. This encourages people to work together for the betterment of everyone and as a whole,  makes the entire server stronger. 

Regardless, I did get to enjoy watching the new class items drop that were completely unintelligible but still fun to pick up and get an idea of what they are going to be, at least at low level. I may try my hand at Maid/Dark Sorceress but my heart will always belong to my archer. 

The server is not perfect but I am extremely happy to be playing again. This game is, and probably will be for a long time, my favorite online game and a game I will always come back to. 

Now for the reveal of my archer's name! Like I said before, Jigg and I will be dropping our previous names. Now we will be known as Persephone and Hades. Hope you enjoy the new names and I promise once I get back to my computer,  I will give this blog a major makeover. Until then, I hope you are alright with the old blog. 

Until next time, I will wish you good health and happy hunting! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Good morning!

Today I bring you amazing news! Announced a mere four hours ago, Red Stone Beta will open tomorrow. This is fantastic news for all us impatient people. Now I personally was hoping for a later release date but that was simply because I would not have access to a computer to play until December 31st haha.

So you will not see Jiggs or I playing until the end of the year but with our grind ethic and excitement, hopefully the server doesn't have too much of a head start on us. That being said, I certainly hope they do not increase drop rate or experience rate. Many have requested it and I can see where they are coming from. They are used to being high level and uber geared and many can't even remember a time when they did not have a fantastic character which they could use to power level their lower levels or item hunt.

I personally believe the game is more fun and more rewarding when you know you are earning all those levels and items with no outside help. 

Yes, it can be fun to see your levels shoot up drastically with little to no effort but I know when I finally reached a level point during a week with no power hour and after grinding for a few days at 18 hours a day, it was definitely more satisfying. Dropping items was the same way! Though I'm definitely a person who believes that outside luck plays more into a person's item drop than anything else, considering my absolute best items were dropped when I was running 75 luck and no power hour.

Also, I'm hoping for a full server wipe. Yes, I will miss my toon and all the hard earned items I had on her but I am not complaining. Just as I would not complain about reading a book and being left with only the memories and emotions when I finally read the last page, I do not see any time or money put into the game as a loss. Plus you have to see it from a business stand point, any gear or astros they keep from OGP is money out of the new company's pocket.

I hope you all enjoy the new server and you must let me know how it is! Until next time and next update, have a fantastic day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Time for an Update!

Hello again followers!

Just as our game is getting a fresh start and a new home, I think it is high time my blog gets a fresh look, too. But unfortunately my tablet is broken, so it probably won't get an updated look until after my vacation. Any ideas what it should be? 

Also, fun news! Jigg and I have been discussing and he has decided that instead of Princess, he will be playing an Angel/Priest. He is super excited to do so. I, to no one's surprise, will still be playing Archer/Lancer in the new server but may not keep the same name. We will have to wait and see. 

So back to blog update! If you have any suggestions, things that you would like added, things that you think are outdated or need to go, and maybe even theme ideas, let me know in the comments below! Remember, you can always be anon (though I would love to know who you are!).

Until next time, have fun and happy hunting!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Poll Time!

Let me know why in the comments below!

Edit: Apparently I either had 35 people yesterday who all simultaneously voted for Maid/Dark Sorcerer at the exact same time, or someone decided to mess up my poll. Sorry everyone!

What Will You Play on The New Server?
Princess/Little Witch
Maid/Dark Sorceror
Poll Maker

New Server?

Hello again friends!

I see a few of you have been looking at my blog again and like I promised in my last post, I would try to keep everyone updated on any current news.

First up, the bittersweet. Today marks the end of OGP Redstone. I don't know about you guys, but I can't even access OGPlanet's website. Maybe their website is down due to the fact that they are getting rid of a major game or maybe it's just my sporadic internet connection. Either way, Redstone is officially through this phase of its digital life.

But fret not! It looks like Redstone is already starting up its next journey with a website called GameandGame, which has released this little video. 

Hopefully you are as excited as I was when I watched it.

Now, I know some have their doubts. With our years of neglect from OGP, I can't really blame them if they think this timely announcement almost seems too good to be true. But you will have to remember that not all game companies treat their clientele the way that OGP does and if the servers that LnK have anything to say about how they treat their customers, I think we are in for an amazing time!

They are currently doing account transfers but be warned that there has been some sort of glitch that will say that random user's ips are blocked (I was unfortunately one of them) but there has been reassurance on their official Facebook page that this is something that will be fixed once the date for actual registration comes around. So be patient my friends!

I predict that our new home will be opening up sometime in the next few months and hopefully it opens up after December, because I am going on vacation and I would really love to be there when the bright, shiny new server opens its doors for the very first time. 

Until then and until the next update, stay amazing, my readers!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rise from the Ashes

Greetings, my friends! 

As you may or may not have heard, OGP is dropping Redstone, which is bittersweet news. Bitter, since this server is where I got my start and met so many amazing people and I won't lie, I'm sad to see it fall instead of cared for and nurtured as it should have been. Sweet, though, because of this amazing news.

Sorry if it looks odd, I'm on mobile, so can't see true sizing.

Hopefully, with any luck, we will not be passed off to another third party company that doesn't give a damn but instead given a home that respects and cares about its playerbase. 

Another thing I'm hoping for is a server wipe. I know a lot of people are very adamantly against it but think about it not on a single scale but on a game wide scale. For every gear and level you worked hard to make, spending countless hours and currency to achieve, there are ten hackers out there who have made even better gear and higher levels in a huge fraction of the time and no cost. There is no GvG, no working together to achieve goals, no challenge to a game whose sole point is to be a challenge. How can a game like that be fun?

This is coming from a person who spent countless days working to get my levels and my gears, many days grinding eighteen plus hours to level and having those little bursts of excitement when a unique item dropped. Now I don't even have to leave town to get my dream gear.

So if there is a server wipe and we get a company that actually shows that they care, then I can't wait to play again, especially if we get all the updates! I will be starting my own guild on the new server but may not use the same name. I will keep you updated on here, though! 

So, until the next newsworthy update for us, good luck and happy hunting!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Hey, guys.

I know it's been a really, really long time since I've posted and for the few who still visit my blog, I just wanted to kind of give an explanation as to why I haven't been around.

Jigg and I have officially quit the game. We did a while ago but bowed out quietly, so many didn't really realize that we just aren't really around. We didn't PvP much and didn't really make a big name for ourselves, so I'm sure not too many have missed us. To the few that may miss me, I'm sorry to have left so abruptly. I just basically threw my hands in the air and said, "Screw this, I'm done."

I guess you could say it would inevitably always lead up to that point, though frankly, I'm kind of happy that it happened sooner rather than later. The big event that led to this was the event with Golden Boots. Now, I didn't enter, as I knew other people could benefit more than me and it would be really shitty to get them and turn around and resell them. But my friend Buns did and the whole way it was run just showed me how little management cares about this game.

I don't blame whoever won, I'm actually happy that they did, so don't think that I am crying "Boohoo, my friend didn't win so I'm gonna take my toys and leave". Far from it. I am just sick of playing a game with a sarcastic and sometimes extremely rude GM who has shown just how little he cares about the majority of the community.

If the game was better run or even turned over to an entirely new company, I think I would come back. Maybe. But as is, with hacked gears, favoritism, and too many bugs to count, I don't want to drain any more money into a game that gives me nothing in return. It is frustrating and what is the point of playing a game that isn't even enjoyable?

I will miss a lot of you and I am sad that I didn't get to be friends with many of you. I did love many in the community and felt blessed to meet some pretty amazing and wonderful people in the short 9 months that I did play. My archer will always be beloved it to me and it was a ton of fun to be one of the first on the server to show off how awesome Knowledge Archer can be as a support role. I regret that I never did get to try it out with my Blue Velvet but maybe someday, if the game ever becomes popular once more and sits under better management.

I have started playing WoW with Jigg, since a bunch of his coworkers play, and it is pretty enjoyable. So if you want to find me, just PM Faethful on Spinebreaker (Hoard). I'm the Druid who loves to AOE! If you don't play, you can always leave a comment on here or if you have a Tumblr, inbox me here. If I don't see you anymore, then let it be known that I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do, in game or real life, and I hope you have a fantastic life.

As always, good luck and happy hunting.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yay for Questing!

Good morning, all you wonderful people!

Hope everything is going well. Last Thursday, Jigg got a new computer, so now we can both play again!

And there was much rejoicing.

So I started this weekend at level 672 and my goal was simply to get 675 so that I could do daily quests and try and get the 680 Lancer weapon pieces. I achieved this goal within hours of grinding, though, since both GD experience and the experience I get at turtles is very nice. 

I then tried the daily quests and, wow, are they a ton of fun! I really enjoy questing and sometimes wished this game had more significant quests. So to have 7 daily quests is just a blast for me and it doesn't hurt that they give a ton of experience. 

Also started running the 681 SD with Jigg, Flash, and Gawain, and that SD is also a ton of fun, and relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Just need lots of panacea and a smart witch (which, thankfully, my husband is!).

So by the end of the power hour, I almost reached 700 and Jigg passed it by a long-shot.

Unfortunately (well not really), we just got a new puppy, so that plus my business, I won't be able to play as much during the week, though I will try to pop on for those fun daily quests! As a bonus, here a couple pictures of my babies! FYI, my dogs are named after the Avengers, because I'm a giant nerd. Bruce (Banner), the German Shepard mix we just got yesterday and Captain (America) who is a year and a half old Husky-Malamute mix.

Bruce sleeping after a long day of playing with his older brother.

Captain a couple weeks ago when we hiked the Manoa Falls hike in the rain.

Okay, that is all I have to report for now! Thank you and I hope each of you has a wonderful day. Happy hunting, my friends!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Art Contest!

Hello, my wonderful followers!

So this last weekend OGP had an art contest to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse. As some of you may know, I love art, especially drawing. So I decided to participate, submitting this image.

Excuse the mess (and couch), I currently do not have a scanner and did this in maybe 2 to 3 hours.

It was maybe the second time I've drawn a horse but I think he turned out really well and I'm in love with my archer. I also loved doing this so much that I've been inspired to do a series, a different picture for each class. I did one for Princess and instead of a horse, I decided on a pony, since princesses are so small, they would surely look ridiculous on a full-sized horse.

Anyways, now the GM's have made the contest into a voting contest, with the top ten winning some sort of secret prize. If you enjoy my archer picture, you can go vote for it here. Also show support for the only other Redstone entry, whose drawing I really enjoy as well! If someone else entered from Redstone, please let me know and I will link their art here as well!

Thank you and I hope you all are having a fantastic week!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Long Time, No Blog

Hey everyone.

So I know it's been a really, really long time since I have updated this blog. I mean, it's been almost 3 months since I was last on here! Shame on me but I got really distracted and tons of life things happened while I was away, so that is why you haven't heard of me.

So updates -

  • Jigg and I are now in our 660's (Jigg is 668, due to the fact that at the moment he is running wisdom so it is easier to grind)

  • Also, as you can see from the above photo, we are in a new guild. Saki had to take a break from RS and Affliction seemed like the best fit for us. I really enjoy this new guild and it has a lot of nice people in it, so I'm happy we found it.
  • I am a Physical Archer again (much to my disappointment, Knowledge is so very much my true calling) and with just a blade oil, I do 20k+ to the blue elves at FoT and 24k's to almost everything else there.
  • Near the beginning of January, we were not logged because we had family coming in, so elected not to play while they were here. So for much of January, neither of us had premium and only recently got it again. 
  • Also, we currently only have one computer, as one of ours broke, so hopefully this next month we will get a new one but for the time being, only one of us can play. Which is sad, but as I have my shop to take care of at the moment, it will probably be Jigg playing mostly. 
Well I think that is a good update, and I promise to update more during these next weeks. I hope you have a fantastic day and rest of your week! Please contact me through here or on Redstone (I'm usually near Jigg if you need to talk to me but he's on) if you have any questions regarding anything!