Thursday, February 19, 2015

Updates and Dumps!

Hello, Nacriema (and any of the poor lonely people still playing on the Prandel server)!

I apologize for the length in between my posts, just been really busy either with in-game stuff or real life issues. But I have been asked by a number of people if I would update this and finally found a lull to do so, so here it is!

So first up: grinding!

Hades and I have been hard at work grinding since my post two weeks ago and though I am nowhere near as high as some people in this game, there are two reasons for that. Reason one is an amazing reason - I got the title Limit Breaker 2!

Which means I can hit 26k's x2 in the field, which isn't especially hard as a Knowledge Lancer with an EG Priest in my pocket. What is nice is that even without Hades' EG, I can still hit 21k's x2 with aura at the Dark Elf PT bosses.

Now before I get any further, let me say reason two. Hades and I have decided not to use blue stones whatsoever. I'm not going to lie and say that we never, ever used them but we only did five sd's total. After that, we realized that they kinda take the fun out of the game. We realized that it didn't really feel like we earned the levels which we were getting and I don't like that. It is why I refuse to be power leveled and now Hades and I refuse to use blue stones. We just break them now.

Rant over!

More exciting news! Hades and I finally rebirthed!

Yay for pretty blue circles!

We rebirthed on the sixteenth and unfortunately haven't been able to grind as much this week. So these are our levels at the moment.

We had some fun right before rebirth, though, since we got some final damage chocolate from this past Valentine's Day event. 

Crazy damage!

For comparison, this is about 30 levels before without chocolate (the damage buff is my own self buff because CP can sometimes be an issue) and with Nova's Ultra Nova.

Still pretty crazy, to be honest.

Now I only do about 50k's on the dummies but I'm not running the same build. Before I was only 801 luck and 500 health, while everything else went into knowledge. Now I'm running 1601 luck and 500 health, which obviously leaves me with a lot less knowledge. But I see it, if I can do max damage while grinding (where it counts), then I don't have to worry. 

So lastly, uniques! There are a bunch, so I'm going to crop them down as best as I can (and a lot of them are actually missing due to the fact that I switched computers!).

Sorry about the mess of pictures! But again, a lot of my uniques aren't even on here, because I switched computers. Got a few nice things (like two NX Screwflyers and Gorespout) but most are just junk uniques that I broke for tons of mystery stone pieces and tantilis relic pieces. 

So that is it! A nice update of what Hades and I are up to and way too many pictures to count. Hopefully, there won't be as big of a gap in between posts but no promises. 


Until next time, I hope you all have a fantastic time and happy hunting!

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