Tuesday, June 30, 2015

12th Anniversary of Redstone: Queen of Demon Sorceress!

Demon Sorceress Release! July 2nd

THE QUEEN OF DEMON SORCERESS! July 2nd thru August 27th

Demon Sorceress badge will be added, giving Demon Sorceress 2x experience for 7 days!

10 players who reach first rebirth during this time will be chosen randomly to receive:

Demon Sorceress Swimsuit Costume
It's a beach party!

Demon Sorceress Eternal Weapon VII

Demon Sorceress Exclusive Armor (Yet to be Announced)

Note: Only Demon Sorceresses created after the maintenance on July 2nd will count towards this event.

12th Anniversary of Redstone: Experience Events and More!

BALLOON EVENT - July 2nd thru August 13th

Receive balloons by hunting monsters 100 levels above and below your level!

Red Balloon: 10x Experience Randomly!

Yellow Balloon: 10x Item Drop Rate Randomly!

Blue Balloon: Gain Fiery and Haste after using it!

Pink Balloon: 3x Experience Randomly!

PARTY RUSH EVENT - Every Weekend of July!

During the event period, grinding in a party will grant you with an experience boost! Every Saturday at 11:00 thru 13:00 and every Sunday at 17:00 to 19:00!

Party Members / Party Experience Boost

Party of 2 / 30% Experience Boost
Party of 3 / 60% Experience Boost
Party of 4 / 90% Experience Boost
Party of 5 / 120% Experience Boost
Party of 6 / 150% Experience Boost
Party of 7 / 180% Experience Boost
Party of 8 / 210% Experience Boost

MINIPET ITEM SALE - July 2nd thru July 16th

Everything 30% Off!

Two-Sided Frame: 65p > 46p

EX Polisher: 35p > 25p

Fruits of Awakening: 65p > 46p

Reflecting Shard: 26p > 19p

Deep Pocket: 28p > 20p

12th Anniversary of Redstone: Equipment Rental!

EQUIPMENT RENTAL - July 2nd thru September 24

Each item can be used for 24 hours!

Troll Fleece
Dream of Pleabian
Moonlight Stalker
Buddy Trust (Squire/Warrior Only)
Remains of Thrall
Brisk Clamor

Hero's Proof
Holy Stroll

Victory Headband
Dark Visor
Crimson Hat

First Winner Coronet
Honor of Heaven

Mass Grip
Form Guard
Butterfly Sting
Hands of Adversary


Phoenix Medal
Shadow Emblem

Depth of Goddess

Brief Marker
Close Chaser

Spiral Buckle
Chain Square

Thousand Shoes
Spirit of Commercial

Seal of Brun
Engagement Ring of Tartkraft
Hard Fist

Okay, that's everything (hopefully!) but let me know if I missed anything or messed anything up. I got all my informational pictures from Redstone Hunter, one of the best informational websites ever.