Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stress and Relief

Hello everyone.

So you may not have seen us on in the last week, even though we had just been back for not even a week before leaving again. That is because we were gone, visiting Hades' mother. You see, he received pretty bad news that she had cancer and obviously, we wanted to be there with her as she was going through this hard time. Real life always comes first, I say.

That was very stressful, since we had to find a sitter for one of our dogs, Captain, while we had to take the other, Bruce, with us on our 10+ hour road trip. It was exhausting, especially for Hades, who drove most of the way, powered by Monsters and soda. It was nice seeing his family again, since he only got to see her for a couple weeks out of the three years we were in Hawaii. 

Thankfully, she is now cancer free after her surgery and she is feeling awesome! That is a huge load off our backs and even though we had to make that 10+ hour road trip again after a long day visiting friends and the aquarium, it was a nice trip.

Now we are back and hopefully we are going to be much more active, as long as real life doesn't poke its head into our business. 

We left the guild in great hands and it was amazing coming back and seeing this!

I feel like a queen!

I really wish I could have been there for the Siege War but I'm very proud of my guild for being so amazing! For now, I am probably going to leave the guild with Eris until we are sure that there are no other major hiccups that would cause us to leave suddenly, so if you need anything that only a GM can do, just message him!

Besides that, it's just back to grinding and hoping life gets back to normal! Good luck and happy hunting!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

After a Short Break

We're back!

Finally got internet yesterday. We have been on the East Coast for approximately 2 weeks and it has been quite the change! I am liking where we ended up, since there are a ton of trails for our two dogs. Unfortunately, I am the most accident prone person I know and on our very first night in the East Coast, I broke my toe. So currently in a lot of pain and our apartment we got is on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator.

So, yay...

Thankfully, we do have internet again, so hopefully you will see us on more, since I have nothing better to do at the moment since my toe feels like knives are being driven into it. 

Other than that, nothing much to update since this is our first day being back in game. Expect more as time goes on and hope you all are having a fantastic beginning to your week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A New Adventure

Hello, everyone!

Today is bittersweet for me. In a few hours, Hades and I will be taking off and leaving Hawaii. Moving from paradise isn't easy but it is a new adventure and I am excited to explore someplace new. Though, one thing I'm not looking forward to is snow and I'll probably cry the first time I see it. 

Basically my reaction. 

Unfortunately, moving means we have no idea when we will have a stable Internet connection. We are hoping some time next week once we are settled into our new apartment but nothing for certain at the moment.  

So if you need anything from Guardians, feel free to PM any of my awesome vices and if you need me, just leave a message here. I'll get to it on my phone! Until next time, good luck and happy hunting. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

All Gussied Up!

Hello everyone!

It's finally happened! I am proud to unveil our new, shiny emblem.

Our amazing guild member, Eris, designed it and by popular vote, the guild now has a wonderful emblem that all seem to be very happy with. With this, the guild really feels like it's coming together.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Point War Score This Week

Yay! For a relatively small team (there were only 4 of us!), we did pretty well! It looks like we'll be attacking for GHall 4 tomorrow and, with any luck, GHall 5 the next week.

Not Much Going On...In Game!

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are having a fine evening. We haven't been around much due to moving and the craziness that goes along with that. Today is actually our last Thursday in Hawaii, which makes me really sad, but I did get to see a sea turtle today! They are my favorite type of sea life and I plan on getting a tattoo of one some day to help commemorate my time here and the home which I found here.

My friendly neighborhood turtle!

As you can probably guess, real life has been very busy. We are currently in a hotel, which has some of the worst internet I have ever experienced. Sometimes, it's fine, nothing amazing but enough to play, but sometimes (which feel just weirdly random), it is absolutely horrendous. It will lag me out, even when I am the only one on the screen and to the point where I just need to quit for an hour or two. 

Because of this, we gave GM over to Freyja, our absolutely wonderful friend. They are taking very good care of our guild and if you need anything, feel free to contact him. 

Love you, Freyja!

As such, we have been busy doing fun real life things, so this post is mostly about those things. We have leveled a little but Hades has mostly just logged Persephone and randomly gone to power level at spots. It's fun to help newer people and it breaks up the monotony of grinding. As for me, I have been playing mostly on Hecate. She has gained a few levels.

We are moving to the East Coast, which means you probably won't see us on at the times you are used to. We also most likely won't be on at all after next week for a week or two, depending how quickly we can move into our new apartment and get internet hooked up. You can always contact me through here but don't expect to see us in-game as much. 

Since internet has been so horrible, it has given me some time to work on that Demon Sorceress image. It's still no where near done but it's coming along.

I'm figuring out skin tone and eye color, so let me know if you think there is something I can change. Also working on a couple guides (mostly for quests, not characters) but message me if there is something specific you would like to see! I have some time on my hands, so no worries. 

For the most part, though, this next week I'll be dragging Hades around to snorkel and go to the beach, since I won't be able to do that on the East Coast. If you would like to see some of our snorkeling footage when our friends' were out, here are a few videos!

Besides that, there isn't much else to post. I'm sorry that most of it is about real life and not in game, but hopefully once we finally get to the East Coast and settle in, you'll see more of Persephone, Hades, and baby Hecate! Until then, good luck and happy hunting.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

New and Improved: Now With Guides!


As you can see, the blog has had a couple changes, including a new header that I threw together but love at the moment and a new tab. This tab is where I will put my own guides, skill tables and other information that I find. Currently, I only have the Demon Sorceress Skill table but I plan to add more!

I will always link back to my information sites, although some if this information may be gleaned through my own gameplay. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see and hope you enjoy the new look!

A New Page!

Just for your information, I have added a new page on my blog. You can see above listed as "Guardians Information".

There you will find current statistics, such as Guild Level, Guild Rand, the current GM and current vices, as well as a link to our Facebook page (if you are a part of our guild) and information if you would like to join. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them on that page or to PM me in game!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Working Our Way to the Top!

Hello all!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic time, both in game and in real life. It's been very hectic for Hades and myself, due to the fact that we are moving in a couple weeks! Yes, we are moving from beautiful Hawaii to the East Coast, and though I am a little sad, I am excited to go somewhere new.

It's basically just been this for the last month.

So, Hades and Persephone haven't really been focused on because we have been working on getting little Miss Hecate up to rebirth level so we can enter into the contest. Finally, a couple days ago, we did!


I tried to get as low as possible because I actually wanted to play her and try her out this time. The first time around, it was just power leveling with Hades and Persephone, gunning down PT bosses and various spots. This time around, it's all me. I want to know her and figure out a play style I like. I've been mainly focusing on her for the last few days, since Persephone and Hades premium wore off and we don't really want to reapply it until we get settled in. She has gained some decent levels.

Hades and Persephone just puttering along.

To be honest, I may not put premium on Persephone even after we get settled in. She still has a way to go on the last quest of Hidden Power and no sphere means less levels and thus more time in the spots I want to hunt in for origins. I will also start Hecate on them once her badge wears off so that she too can hit 34k's eventually. Speaking of damage, have some fun screen shots of damage at the dummies, with both Persephone and Hecate!

 Who doesn't like doing 230k damage? Just for your information, this is no berserk.

Look at baby Hecate's 40k's! No EG or aura either!

Now Hecate is low level, so she obviously doesn't hit as much but she still does decent damage with no EG or aura.

Woot 2k!

In other news, our lovely guild is leveling quite nicely, even though Hades and I have been pretty inactive and thus we haven't been able to contribute as much.

Doing alright for ourselves.

We also took GHall 3 today! We did it with this score.

Fun fact, we did that with just Hades, Persephone and Hecate! We wanted to run it while we were still online so that the guild wouldn't have to worry and figured for fighting for GHall 3, we really didn't have to worry too much about score, as long as it was more than 6 million.

Besides that, we are working on our emblem. I'm hoping we can come up with one that most of the guild likes and here are a few that have been put up.

I really enjoy the gold wolf (which our amazing Eris created) but we are still deciding and getting pieces to make our emblem. Hopefully within the next couple weeks, we will get to finally unveil it! If you would like to join and give your input, we are still recruiting!

Just PM Hecate, Persephone, Hades, Freyja, Secos, XOML, or Eris, or leave a message here and I promise I will get back to you!

I am going to try to update this blog more often, probably once a week, so let me know if there is anything you are curious about! For now it's back to packing and getting ready for the move. Hope you all are having a wonderful night and good luck and happy hunting!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A New Love?

Hello Nacriema!

Hope everyone is enjoying the events that we've had for the last week and a half! I certainly have, though most of that joy is from playing around with my Demon Sorceress. She is in hot competition with my archer for favorite class right now.

A conundrum indeed.

We are currently leveling her with Persephone and Hades while we grind, because, fun fact, we rebirthed down!

And there was much rejoicing!

We rebirthed on the eighth because we were getting bored of leveling up at higher levels and wanted to get back down to where we could grind with both my Demon Sorceress and our friends. We all know grinding can get a little boring without people to entertain you!

So here are our levels now!

Hecate is my lovely Demon Sorceress who we are trying to push through to first rebirth so we can get our name thrown in for Demon Sorceress contest! She is so much fun and I absolutely love her. My main complaint with her is CP cost, though. With her two buffs that increase her damage of Black Star of Disaster, it costs over 800 CP. For a few classes, such as Angel, this isn't as big of an issue because they have a few skills that gain a considerable amount of CP or can charge for a large amount. 

Demon Sorceress, on the other hand, basically requires hearts. Her charge skill only gains around 80 CP per use, and though it is fast, it still would take 8 charges for one blast. On the other hand, she only has one skill that gains CP and gains is really a term being used lightly here. In reality, every swing only grants her 20 or so CP, which as you can see doesn't really help either.

My look every time I see Hades charge.

I'm hoping in the future, they will give her something that either helps with CP (such as a passive that regenerates over time, similar to health) or lower the cost of Black Star to a more reasonable level. Until then, I will keep buying my CP potions and Cursed Hearts and keep my fingers crossed.

The Guild is going well, if anyone is curious! We are almost level 60 as I type this and have a part of a statue done. Tomorrow, we'll take GH2, which will be nice. We are also figuring out our emblem, trying to get one everyone likes. I really want this guild to work on teamwork and group decisions, so it's nice to have input from my various guild members. 

You are still very welcome to join us if you want! We accept all levels, all experience, as long as you are friendly and active! Just PM Hades, Persephone (me!), Eris, Freyja, or Secos. 

It's just so pretty, plus I made it all by myself!

Besides that news, all I have left is just a sneak peek of something I'm working on. Playing Demon Sorceress and recently finding my tablet has inspired me, so in my off time between packing (since we are moving in a couple weeks) and playing, I've done this.

I've been doodling and coming up with a custom drawing of my new favorite character. At the moment, I only have part of the hair done but I am really enjoying it. I like it without the black border, it makes the curls and waves look a bit more natural, but we'll see in the end how it turns out. Hopefully, you all like what I have so far and let me know if you have any tips or suggestions!

So, with nothing further to add to this quick update, I wish you all good luck and happy hunting!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Guardians is Recruiting!

Guardians is Recruiting!
Join us today!
  • We are a very friendly guild. If you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask any of our vices or our guild master and they will answer them! We will teach you anything and everything you need to know.
  • GvG's and Siege Wars! We will do our best to have fun and fair GvG's and we will always show up our Siege Wars. We will make these battles as enjoyable as possible and, even if we lose, you can always learn something from it and be better next time!
  • Experience doesn't matter! Whether it's your first day or your tenth year, we welcome anyone and everyone. It is always fun to teach new people and, with extremely knowledgeable vices at your disposal, you will pick up the game in no time!
  • It will be a fun and social environment. The Guild Master will be on constantly to chat and hear any of your concerns. She is happy to help you with anything, you just have to ask!
  • Be happy, active, and friendly!
  • No harassment to any guild members or others in the game.
  • Though there is no bar on language, please be respectful and if someone asks you to stop. please do so.
  • Level at least once a week! That's it, though we love it when we see more than that! Of course, if you go on vacation or need to take a break, don't worry. Just let a vice or the Guild Master now and they will make accommodations for you.
Ready to be a Guardian?
Just private message Secos, XOML, Eris, Freyja, Hades, or Persephone! 

We are looking for new people to make our little guild stronger and happier and we can't wait to have you!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

12th Anniversary of Redstone: Queen of Demon Sorceress!

Demon Sorceress Release! July 2nd

THE QUEEN OF DEMON SORCERESS! July 2nd thru August 27th

Demon Sorceress badge will be added, giving Demon Sorceress 2x experience for 7 days!

10 players who reach first rebirth during this time will be chosen randomly to receive:

Demon Sorceress Swimsuit Costume
It's a beach party!

Demon Sorceress Eternal Weapon VII

Demon Sorceress Exclusive Armor (Yet to be Announced)

Note: Only Demon Sorceresses created after the maintenance on July 2nd will count towards this event.