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If you can't tell, this is a blog about the popular OGPlanet game, Redstone. There will be two people running this blog, and we can be distinguished by our picture signature.

I am BlackCanary (named after my favorite superheroine) and I suppose I will give you a little "About me" so you can know who is running this blog. First off these are my picture signatures.

I'm 19 years old, and as you can tell I've chosen to play as Archer/Lancer, and it is currently my only toon. I have only been playing Redstone since 8 April 2013, which means I'm probably the only Redstone noob running a blog about it. Luckily I have my husband, whose IGN is Jigglypuff, formerly known as LovelySailor, a hardened veteran of the game, to help me out.

This isn't my first online gameplay experience, as I have played Lord of the Rings online (which I absolutely love) and Guild Wars 2 (which wasn't as fun as I thought it would be). I love playing video games and some of my favorites are the Gears of War series, Skyrim, Borderlands, any and all of the Pokemon handheld games. Those are only my favorites but there are dozens more games that I love that I could list off.

I want to give the new person's perspective, because all too often, blogs like this give off a vibe that if you haven't played for multiple years, then you probably shouldn't be reading it. I don't want to do that. I want to show that, new or old, this game is actually a lot of fun, and I want you to know that I'm as fresh as they come. I only know what a week's worth of gameplay can give, which trust me, isn't a lot.


I'm Jigglypuff also known as Lovelysailor or just call me John.  My signatures courtesy of my wonderful wife are:

I'm currently 22 love to play all kinds of video games have since I was little.  I have been playing RS on and off since I was 17.  I still remember thinking it was so cool to farm oat dungeon with Wish and Messedupmage for the rare "light blue" rings lol.  I've been through game exploits, management changes, and more recently new updates.  I'm in AOG with Klien he has pretty much been always been there to offer advise.  At the moment Jigglypuff is a lvl 470ish wisdom nub and Sailor well she doesn't ever get used since RB.  I look forward to documenting my time in Redstone here and if you see me in game feel free to say hi.

Hopefully you enjoy this blog and if you have any feedback, tips, or complaints, feel free to leave comments!

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  1. Hi Persephone and Hades Raise here, just wanted to stop by and tell you guys/gals what a fantastic job yall are doing. I really like the approach you both are taking with this blog. If you havent already, have you thought about posting some guides yall make on the characters your using? Im sure it would help out many