Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Change of Pace


It's been a while since my last real post, so time to get you all up to date!

Hades and I grinded our little butts off trying to get to 500 so I can get back to origin hunting and thankfully, it didn't take too long. After experiencing the hassle of 400's and the sheer amount of people fighting for spots at the Party Bosses at Dark Elf, I am hoping to never, ever be that level again. Too much of a headache!

Thankfully, Hades and I are well into our 500's. 

Which means I am at my favorite place for origins - Golden Swamp! From what I have seen both on this server and last, it is one the fastest origin spots, at least for me. I get sometimes 15 to 20 origins per hour! Though it's usually more around 10 to 15 but it's nice to see those numbers shoot up! I shoot for 50 a day but try to get more if I have the time.

I am currently at around 700 of the 1000, which with my time frame should mean I have the third part of Limit Breaker done in the next couple weeks. Then I will be doing 30k's!

Besides that, my unique drops haven't been too stellar. It's one of the side effects of origin hunting, I suppose. I have dropped a couple 1/3 gears, like a 1/3 luck neck that I desperately needed and even more boots. I swear I could open a Famous Footwear with all the 1/3 luck and alacrity boots I have dropped.

Nothing really else to report, so I hope you all are doing fantastic! Good luck and happy hunting!