Monday, July 08, 2013

An Event That Keeps on Giving

Good morning, Prandel dwellers!

Warning: You all should realize that I'm long-winded, so read on, if you dare!

How did everyone like this last week's event? I personally had a love/hate relationship with it, to be perfectly honest. 232 hours of 3X experience and 3X drop was a nice way to return from my break, but bittersweet as well, and I will inform you as to why later, so keep reading!

I did start this new month of very swell with my first of the beautiful circles you see under so many people's feet whilst traveling through our lovely world.

Mind you, this is with Jigg's NOJ skill. I was only 376 after RB.

I know, I know, you are all saying that I rebirthed way too low compared to my "plan" that I posted a week ago. You see, this kind of event doesn't happen too often and my higher level spots were being overrun with huge parties of power levelers and whatnot. Now, as you know if you have ever talked to me or read this blog, I'm not a huge fan of being plvled and don't really like plvling, especially if those people could grind themselves but simply choose not to.

Plus it is really hard to keep a small room to yourself versus a group of five or six 600+ people who are really gunning for that spot.

So Jigg and I just said screw it, and we did the first rebirth quest and ta-da! This is us with our pretty blue rebirth rings, ready to kick some butt and take some names (at a significantly lower level, of course).

Another reason I wanted to rebirth a little lower than I had initially planned was simply because the experience was going to be so good and I was certain that I could reach well over 600 before the PH was over. For the first six or so days, I was literally grinding for eighteen to twenty-one hours straight, getting only a few hours sleep. Hooray insomnia, you are a good thing for once!

I forgot something about being lower level, though, and that is the fact that there are tons of other lower level players, both rebirthed and not. I started off in Small Cave, which is still one of my favorite places to grind as a Power Archer/Lancer, and actually found out this time around, that Lancer, with the right weapon, is actually faster at grinding than Archer. Using Jigg as a spear, I was at 13 to 15 minute levels at first and at 400+ still on the first floor, was at 18 to 20 minute levels.

That, is of course, if I was merely partying with Jigg, and only for a few hours at a time was it so. Now, don't get me wrong, I will gladly share a map or PT with someone. I hate huge arguments that ultimately benefit no one and just cuts into time that I could be grinding. Plus, it gives me someone to talk to at 3AM when my husband is asleep and only the light of the TV to keep me company. I'm generally a really social person and love having people to talk to, and as long as you are friendly and respectful, I will be so in return.

There are three things I do hate about some of the parties I was in. 

1.) Huge parties. These are terrible, and this isn't the party's fault, it is the system that the game has in place. Sadly, if I am killing a whole floor by myself quite fine, then what is the incentive for me to PT, especially more than a couple people? The experience drain that is put into place really needs to stop. There should be no experience drop while in a large party, making it so people will more likely want to party and share instead of becoming territorial and hostile to anyone who wants to join. I'd like to reiterate that I have no problems with partying but the game's system that it has in place is truly infuriating.

2.) People who expect me to plvl them. This is frustrating to me and this is why I am going to make a whole separate post about the bane of plvling, especially for those who assume that at lower levels there is no possible way they can level without someone doing it for them. Just, please don't ask me to do all the work for you while you sit back and do nothing. It makes my leveling harder and does not make me appreciate you at all.

3.) Looters. This is one that I didn't have too much of a problem with but I had a couple cases so that is why it made my list. I am fine with sharing drops, especially light blues and even more if you are killing. I know it can be confusing when both people are killing the same things and that is where this can get a bit fuzzy. So to clarify, the instances I am talking about is where someone blatantly kills something and drops, say, a unique items and someone runs up and claims it as their own. I had a few people do this, usually with nab u's, so I didn't really say anything, but come on, people. 

You saw that person kill that by themselves and they were rewarded with a unique drop, and you are just going to take it from them? Just because you are in a PT does not mean that you are entitled to a share of everything.

My reaction when I see them running towards a unique item I just dropped.

In spite of these problems, most of the PTs I was in were actually really pleasant and I think I made a few friends with people I otherwise would not have met if I had not rebithed so low. Also, this is the level that I eventually reached.

376 to 528. I call that a successful 6 days of grinding.

Now, I know I stated earlier in this post that I was hoping to get well over 600 by week's end, but as per usual, real life happened, and Friday thru Sunday, Jigg and I really didn't grind except for about seven hours during the wee early hours of Monday morning before the PH was finished. 

Speaking of drops and items, I did get a few pro items this weekend, both drops and extracting, since extractors were half off on Independence Day. Here are the couple of items which I extracted.

Sadly, seven other items failed and broke in the process, but as is life and Redstone, one must continue on and not dwell on what was lost. I am happy with what succeeded and can only hope that next time I will succeed in my other endeavors, as well.

Now, with drops, I didn't drop anything super pro until those seven hours that I did earlier this morning. I actually dropped Apachian, which I know many thieves are foaming at the mouth trying to get their hands on it.

I eventually traded it to an ex-guildie for Statue Boots, which I have been wanting for quite a while, so it worked out well for everyone involved.

Thank you, Troglodyte!

Oh, speaking of which, I did leave AoG and no, just because there is no symbol by my head, does mean I am not currently in a guild, so you can all stop asking haha. I have joined Ichigo Ichie, which was started by my friend Saki. For questions as to why I left, feel free to PM me. 

I am going to make a couple other posts, one being, of course, about power leveling and the cons of it, and another being about why you should never ever ever kill steal because I had more than my fair share of that crap this PH event. Until then, have fun, good luck, and happy hunting.

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  1. Gz your items!
    PT hunting is working until 400lv (in demon)
    After 400~, most of player start to hunt solo for sure.
    I read Forum which is "share map".
    We can make pt, but if people want to do solo, we should not ask force to join or say "rule", because that "rule" is very wired. Small map should share even though we can kill perfectly like gem room. Full pt exp will be 1/2. GM don't understand this game's exp rate^^

    In the future, RS will have BOSS system which is very hard to kill solo. At the time, PT will be comfortable and convenience!!!