Monday, June 29, 2015

What We've Been Doing

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, Hades and I were lured back into Redstone. You can thank our lovely friend Freyja for getting us to come back. At first, I was a little hesitant because, to be honest, our community can be a little bit on the bittersweet side but, for now, I am thrilled to be back.

We came back on the 15th of June and started at the low 570's, Hades I believe being 570 and Persephone sitting at 573. As of today, two weeks from now, these are our current levels.

Not too shabby, especially considering most of that time has been spent working on Hidden Power. Speaking of which, finally decided to turn in my pieces, thinking it would be smart to have a couple stacks of origins in the back.

Yet, as I worked on the next part to start working towards 34k's, it is a little different. You have to collect 1500 origin pieces and then convert every 10 of those into Stones of Transcendence, finally finishing when you get 150 transcendence stones. There is a catch, though. Any origins stored in the back will not convert and will automatically fail. So any I thought I had smartly kept in the bank to keep for later and clear my inventory are worthless for my archer. 

On a brighter side, though, what I hope my new favorite character is soon to be on our server. 

Basically my reaction when I first saw her.

I already have a low level maid that I wasn't really too thrilled with on my account. What can I say, physical classes just never really interested me and sadly maid was the same. But now I can work her up and when Demon Sorceress does eventually come out (hopefully in the next week!), I can have some decent leveling done. Plus, since she is on my account already, those spare and useless origins can be put towards her instead.

Besides origins, I also finished Berserker level 4. I had never gotten around to it before we had gone on our break but decided it is a nice title to have. So ran that in a couple hours and it is a nice title to have when I'm bored or running GD's.

It's fun to max damage no matter what I'm hitting.

Okay to wrap it up, I'll be putting drops on this post, though they will be below a "Read More" break, since there are just so, so many. So if this is the last line you read, thank you for sticking with us! Good luck and happy hunting my friends!

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