Friday, July 12, 2013

Cheater or Entrepreneur?

Happy Friday, blog readers!

As many of you know, we have this awesome event going on every Tuesday and Thursday. Now, for anyone that has been away from the game or are just unable to attend, the event is basically a lovely GM (usually Boxshark from the ones that I have attended) comes and for one hour, spawns mobs of various levels and difficulties which when hit give a chance to place a trophy box directly into your inventory.

The items of these boxes range from Full Healing/Charging Potions to Ancient Dragon Hearts to Luxurious Christmas Boxes to various tiers of Lucky Tickets, which some may argue are the best thing you can acquire from these mob's boxes. 

The general trick as to getting these boxes is to use a move that is quick but is low damaging, at least during the course of the event. This can allow a person to literally farm a mob for the entire event and barring death of either the character or the mob, get hundreds upon hundreds of boxes.

Now one would assume that promptly after the hour is over, that the GM would just simply make the mobs vanish, maybe make them explode in a giant display of fireworks or just , you know, explosions.

You have to admit, it would be a fitting end to an all around awesome event.

Instead, it seems that the GM in charge just chooses to leave the mobs out, not realizing that people literally will farm it for hours and hours on end after the event if allowed to. I mean these mobs have well over 50k health sometimes and if a person is hitting one's and two's on it, you can see how that mob won't be going away anytime soon.

Now, I come to you with a question: are these people cheaters, exploiting the GM who I believe assumes that people would have more integrity or are they entrepreneurs, using what is put in front of them so they can better their own gaming experience?

Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Hell nah they were part of the event they luck that archer nabs arn't using chaser to get "more" boxes

  2. smh, its obvious cheating, one thing bout prandels community, 95% will do w/e it takes to get ahead by any means necessary, regardless how it affects others, like euro players that can't attend event at all, get left way behind from these ppl getting 10 lux or more from one event.

    One thing i've hated bout this community for the past 5 years, if theres some exploit, ALOT are gonna jump on it. and this "farming" boxes is an obvious exploit.

    Ignore the nub comments above, couldnt even give there name, obvious trolls, sadly they are prandels community....