Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brains Versus Brawn: The Struggle Between Knowledge and Power

Good afternoon, my wonderful readers!

This post is actually exceptionally long and I apologize for that, so I'm adding a "Read More" if you would like to delve further into this post. If not, just keep scrolling!

I will love you either way.

How you are all doing great and are having a wonderful month. My month long break is almost over, so I will be grinding my normal 8 hours soon enough, and probably be rebirthing soon. I have had some of you ask when I will be rebirthing, so I will lay out my current plan.
This is what I think of every time someone says "Plan".

My first rebirth will probably be around 670, so I can be 500 or so, that way I'm out of that awkward leveling range at 470 to 490. Second rebirth, I'm going to go to level 720 so I can double rebirth, thus I will be going back to level 1 for my third rebirth just for fun. I'm hoping to be fourth rebirth by this Christmas, but it would be cool if I could reach it before then. Of course, there is also the chance that I don't reach it by that time frame and that's ok, too.

Speaking of levels, during my lazy break, I have managed to reach 619. So only fifty-one more levels until I get my first pretty circle.

I've been attending the Monster Invasion event, as I have said before, and have accumulated quite a few things from it. Here, take a look at my bank.

All but two things in this bank are things I can't trade. First world gaming problems.

So, as you can see, I've got quite a stash of items, and that's not including the things I have on my storage alternate and the various attacks in my own inventory that would not fit in my bank. Also, if you can't see I have a number of stat and skill redistribution and we come to the topic of my heading.

I am so torn between power and knowledge. On one hand, power can kill almost anywhere and dominates in PvP. On the other hand, magic cannot miss, unless through perfect avoidance (PvE) or a move which negates all damage (i.e. Sidestep or Jumping Skipping), and, as an Archer, is much more effective for grinding. Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses and you can see how I could be torn between the two.

The only solution is for me to have the stats, skills, and gear to be able to switch between the two without the need of redistribution scrolls. Until then, it will be a constant battle trying to decide which I want.

I am currently knowledge and I forgot to add this awesome thing I bought to improve my damage. Thank you, Akiles, for so graciously parting with it.

This is for you, Akiles.

Also you can see I have gained quite a few Luxurious and Special Christmas boxes, though I have opened couple boxes. Actually, there is a funny story with the first Lux boxes that I got at the first Monster Invasion this June. 

So, during the event, I was very happy. I got three boxes and I could finally get the Breath of Goddess earrings that I had been wanting forever. So I waited until after the event so as to not waste precious monster bashing time, and finally went to open one. I opened it, very excited to get those earrings, clicked on them...and nothing. The box just say there open, withholding those earrings, dangling them in front of me like a treat in front of a puppy.

Or a dead Sherlock in front of a Watson.

Unlike a puppy (or Watson, for that matter), though, I decided to be patient and figured it was just silly server lag and decided that opening my other boxes would be a bad I idea.So I chit-chatted with a few people before heading into the bank to store my massive haul and try my luck at getting those earrings again.

Too my surprise and horror, though, all three boxes had opened and instead of merely having one Breath of Goddess, I now had three mocking me. I, of course, quickly sent a ticket, explaining my predicament and kindly asked them to simply every them back to Lux boxes.

The next day, I was pleased to see in my inventory, not three earrings but three beautiful boxes. I went to see about finally get my one set of earrings when I saw this.

You see, dear audience, these were not Luxurious Boxes but boxes that like to taunt and tease, as they only merely looked like the boxes I so wanted. They did not open, as I had hoped they would, and they merely sat in my inventory, mocking my inability to do anything right.

So, if course, sent another ticket, thanking the GM's for their quick reply and more than helpful service but informing them that something had gone wrong with the solution, a glitch or something similar, perhaps and I had been left with fake Lux boxes that were nothing more than pretty paperweights. 

Again, our lovely GM's were very quick and helpful and I finally got my earrings without any duplicates.

This is how I envision BoxShark hard at work.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with the rest of those Lux boxes. I did use one to try and mix 1/3 luck from a crown that I had. It turns out, though, that Lux box items cannot be mixed.

Of course, one can use those oh so costly extractors to try and get the same results but I'm too poor at the moment, both in game and in real life, so you can see my problem.

Though I do come to you, dear readers, with a question. Should I get Shark's Fin, since they add quite a bit of damage to both Archer and Lancer when I am power, and merely run with a few of those?

Or, should I get items, such as Florence's or Drake Plume, to try extracting prefixes onto when I have more money/gold? Tell me your opinions in the comments below!

This is how I expect the comments to be. Don't disappoint me.

Ok finishing off these posts with a few screenshots I feel I owe you guys. The last couple posts have been lacking since my Kindle does not have access to my Redstone screenshots and I don't want to have to ask you guys to scroll down to them just for a couple pictures. So, here you go.

Yay, 600!

Lots of random drops to break.

Just goofing off with thieves in a no-show SW.

That's all I have for your guys. Hope you all are having fun and until next time, good luck and happy hunting.

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