Sunday, July 14, 2013

Descend into the Underworld

Good afternoon, Prandel!

Ichigo_Ichie had its first GvG which was my second GvG ever. We faced the guild Underworld, and I must say I was a little nervous going into it, considering they have a few renown high levels and I have a lot of respect for them. Also, I was less than 600, where my last GvG against Fresh, I was above 600 and still got demolished.

There were only 4 active players from our guild who went: Saki on their archer and using Gator for buffs, Senbanzakura, Jigg on his princess and angel, and myself. 

Unfortunately, I did not get a video of the GvG though I did get a screenshot or two, which I hope suffices, though if anyone did get a video and would like to send it to me so I could post it, you would be very awesome in my book.

My first kill in the GvG and I actually think my first kill ever!

Yay we actually won!

I would like to thank Underworld and all the people who showed up for the GvG, it was a lot of fun and it was probably funny watching me run away anytime Kron came near me out of fear of being the only one to die on our team. 

Thank you again and hopefully we can GvG again!

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  1. say hi to gator for me aka ashido tell him imma hunt him down 1 day ^^