Friday, November 22, 2013

Guess Who's Back! *Commence Epic Music*

Hi, my wonderful blog readers!

I am so sorry! I haven't posted to here in over a month and I don't have too many screenies to boot (basically because at this point I am running on zero hours of sleep and approximately one million cups of coffee) so I bring you lists of shenanigans that Jigg and I have been up to!
  • We were gone for the whole month of October and came back around Halloween. During this month, I was busy with my crochet stuffs and we both got distracted by various video games.
  • We rebirthed! Woot woot! 3rd RB! Screenie for this[searches frantically]...maybe I'll post one later...
Please take this Spock GIF as an acceptable substitute while I look for screenshots.
  • We grinded like crazy!

12 days of grinding! Sorry, they aren't cropped. So sue me.
  • We reached 500...again!

Now we are 535, killing for origins at Gem! Only have about 200 more to go, so wish me luck on my quest to hit 30k magic damage!

Also missed my 8 month anniversary! Although if you count my breaks, I've only been playing for 6 months. Almost 4th RB in 6 months! That is crazy! Hoping to get 4th RB level by Christmas. Notice how I didn't say 4th RB outright. Well that is because Jigg and I are planning on rebirthing around 740 (if I remember correctly, sleep deprivation is setting in...) so that we can get out of the ultimate bad grinding area. So wish me luck, you wonderful people, and have an amazing Friday and weekend!

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