Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yay for Questing!

Good morning, all you wonderful people!

Hope everything is going well. Last Thursday, Jigg got a new computer, so now we can both play again!

And there was much rejoicing.

So I started this weekend at level 672 and my goal was simply to get 675 so that I could do daily quests and try and get the 680 Lancer weapon pieces. I achieved this goal within hours of grinding, though, since both GD experience and the experience I get at turtles is very nice. 

I then tried the daily quests and, wow, are they a ton of fun! I really enjoy questing and sometimes wished this game had more significant quests. So to have 7 daily quests is just a blast for me and it doesn't hurt that they give a ton of experience. 

Also started running the 681 SD with Jigg, Flash, and Gawain, and that SD is also a ton of fun, and relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Just need lots of panacea and a smart witch (which, thankfully, my husband is!).

So by the end of the power hour, I almost reached 700 and Jigg passed it by a long-shot.

Unfortunately (well not really), we just got a new puppy, so that plus my business, I won't be able to play as much during the week, though I will try to pop on for those fun daily quests! As a bonus, here a couple pictures of my babies! FYI, my dogs are named after the Avengers, because I'm a giant nerd. Bruce (Banner), the German Shepard mix we just got yesterday and Captain (America) who is a year and a half old Husky-Malamute mix.

Bruce sleeping after a long day of playing with his older brother.

Captain a couple weeks ago when we hiked the Manoa Falls hike in the rain.

Okay, that is all I have to report for now! Thank you and I hope each of you has a wonderful day. Happy hunting, my friends!

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  1. great blog!!! how bout adding the daily quest of rare eco in your blog would be nice to see what ima be up against.