Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rise from the Ashes

Greetings, my friends! 

As you may or may not have heard, OGP is dropping Redstone, which is bittersweet news. Bitter, since this server is where I got my start and met so many amazing people and I won't lie, I'm sad to see it fall instead of cared for and nurtured as it should have been. Sweet, though, because of this amazing news.

Sorry if it looks odd, I'm on mobile, so can't see true sizing.

Hopefully, with any luck, we will not be passed off to another third party company that doesn't give a damn but instead given a home that respects and cares about its playerbase. 

Another thing I'm hoping for is a server wipe. I know a lot of people are very adamantly against it but think about it not on a single scale but on a game wide scale. For every gear and level you worked hard to make, spending countless hours and currency to achieve, there are ten hackers out there who have made even better gear and higher levels in a huge fraction of the time and no cost. There is no GvG, no working together to achieve goals, no challenge to a game whose sole point is to be a challenge. How can a game like that be fun?

This is coming from a person who spent countless days working to get my levels and my gears, many days grinding eighteen plus hours to level and having those little bursts of excitement when a unique item dropped. Now I don't even have to leave town to get my dream gear.

So if there is a server wipe and we get a company that actually shows that they care, then I can't wait to play again, especially if we get all the updates! I will be starting my own guild on the new server but may not use the same name. I will keep you updated on here, though! 

So, until the next newsworthy update for us, good luck and happy hunting!


  1. Cant wait to see you 2 and BUNS! But how will you play when WoW got a major update!?

  2. I actually haven't played WoW in a while! I got bored after reaching max level, plus there were just a lot of rude people so it wasn't a very nice environment. I tried a few other games after, like ArcheAge and Guild Wars 2 but grew bored of those as well. I can't wait for RS to come back in full force because that was really the only game I loved and could play for months on end without being bored. :D