Thursday, April 25, 2013


Happy Thursday!

I forgot to post yesterday, mostly because I was so exhausted I think I fell asleep at around 9 o'clock. But I have some really good news. First off, there was the event yesterday afternoon, and you heard my rant that morning about getting absolutely nothing worthwhile the other two which I attended. Also you heard me wishing for a certain something (two certain somethings, but either would have made me happy) and, lo and behold, I got this.

Actually, this is all the stuff I got at the event, but just one of them makes me jump for joy.

Can't see it? Here, I'll hover over it for you.

Pretty sure Disney GIFs can describe any and all of my emotions.

You cannot imagine my surprise and my glee when I finally opened that. Sure, it may have been after opening a hundred other boxes (do you see how many Dragon Hearts I ended up with?) and basically at the point where I had given up all hope of getting anything. So, yeah, it was very, very exciting.

Everything else was meh, including that coupon.

Ok enough about yesterday! Today is also good! First off, I'm feeling tons better, though still feeling sick. It's odd actually, because my tastebuds are acting up but enough about real life stuff. Yesterday and today I gained several levels. This is my current level, though I'm sure I'm going to get more today

Actually had to phase out of Redeye and instead doing Parble Mine. I think I'll start doing GDs again, because I gained several levels over the last few days, placing me closer to the levels of the mobs. Now it won't be a waste to solo there when grinding was giving me more experience at a faster rate. We'll see once my GD partner comes home and I can try my hand once more at soloing B3.

On another note, I got another something I've been wanting for a while. 

As you can also see, I've ditched my Shadow Emblem for the Tantilis necklace (which I bought from a stall for 35m!) for two reasons. One, the attack speed increase and absorb is nice when I have the pair of items on. Two, instant death, flint fire, and sleep don't appear to work on the crawlers and sorcerers found at Parble, while the magic absorb that is added with the two pieces together helps while fighting sorcerers. 

Funny enough, they don't actually seem to hurt me, so I can stand there all day with the sorcerer hitting me with little to no chance of dying. Of course, the crawlers are a different story, but that's what absorb from my gorespout and this set are for. 

But, once I find/buy a Tantilis Ring, I'll probably go back to my Shadow Emblem, as the neck really doesn't do much by itself. So if you have one and are looking to sell it, leave a comment or pm me in game! I really would like to buy one.

Other than that, not much to report. I hope you all are doing very well in game and in real life! Happy Thursday and remember to smile!

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