Monday, December 08, 2014

Helpful Links!

Hello everyone! 

Though our time has been very limited, Hades and I have gotten to 150! I will add screenshots later, as once more I'm updating from my phone.

But I did want to make a post to help some people who had been asking where I get my information. I will add these links to the sidebar (and get rid of some outdated ones) but for now, here these are!

  • The best (and actually updated) T-set guide I have found so far. It has Maid but it seems that Dark Sorceress doesn't have T-set yet,  at least according to that chart.
  • Of course, Redstone Hunter. On there, you can find item lists, secret dungeon guides, and other helpful information. 
  • Stoneage Sushi. Very similar to Redstone Hunter, though my favorite thing on it is the comprehensive maps that tell you exactly what and where mobs spawn.  
  • An amazing skill simulator. I use this because I'm super impatient and I want to know exactly how many skill points and/or levels until I max out all the skills I want.
  • Guild Dungeon guides. Helpful because I know not everyone knows how to run them.
I hope at least one person finds some useful information through this post.

Basically, I just hunt around and read as much as I can. I love learning new things and the fun thing about Redstone is you can always learn something new. 

Redstone, especially to new people, can be a little overwhelming and a lot to take in but as long as people choose to help and to work to better the community, we can all grow stronger.

Until next time, good luck and happy hunting! 

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