Monday, December 01, 2014

Let's Begin

Hello, everyone!

Excuse the lack of pictures and screenshots as I am updating the blog on my cell phone! While on vacation Jigg and I were able to get our hands on a computer and try out the shiny new server. Granted it took a lot of time, a bit of computer knowledge, and a godly amount of patience to get it to run correctly but we eventually were able to get into the game. 

We decided to have me create my character first since I will be doing most of the damage while Jigg will be support on his priest. I, of course,  am running a power archer again and with about three hours, I got to level 39 all by my lonesome. As for my name, you'll just have to keep reading to find out! 

I did experience the odd party bug (and my hopes are that it is a bug and not intentional) where partying with another person cuts your experience by nearly 60%. Now I'm always happy to party, even with severe cuts but I know this just mostly discourages people from partying in the first place. 

I believe,  like many MMORPG's, there should be a system that encourages party, such as a slight increase in experience or a bonus to drop chance. This encourages people to work together for the betterment of everyone and as a whole,  makes the entire server stronger. 

Regardless, I did get to enjoy watching the new class items drop that were completely unintelligible but still fun to pick up and get an idea of what they are going to be, at least at low level. I may try my hand at Maid/Dark Sorceress but my heart will always belong to my archer. 

The server is not perfect but I am extremely happy to be playing again. This game is, and probably will be for a long time, my favorite online game and a game I will always come back to. 

Now for the reveal of my archer's name! Like I said before, Jigg and I will be dropping our previous names. Now we will be known as Persephone and Hades. Hope you enjoy the new names and I promise once I get back to my computer,  I will give this blog a major makeover. Until then, I hope you are alright with the old blog. 

Until next time, I will wish you good health and happy hunting! 

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