Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Vacation and Finally 200

Hello, everyone! 

Due to the busy times that is our vacation, Hades and I have only just gotten to 200. Though not exactly the highest on server, (I hear there are people nearing 400, congratulations!) I am very proud to have gotten that far with the little time I have played.

What I love about the new server is all the people! Though I have met some rude people, the vast majority has been extremely friendly and I'm happy to be making new friends. I love seeing full parties and people working together.

Which reminds me, if you ever see one of us grinding, don't be afraid to ask for PT. I'm happy to give it and I will really only deny you if you've been a major jerk quite a few times to me. Besides that, I love partying with people and making new friends!

So I don't have Redstone related pictures, but how about pictures from my vacation? Extra points if you can guess where these are!

Hope you enjoy those pictures! Until next time, my wonderful blog readers, I hope you are having a fantastic time both in game and in real life, and good luck and happy hunting! 

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