Saturday, July 11, 2015

A New Love?

Hello Nacriema!

Hope everyone is enjoying the events that we've had for the last week and a half! I certainly have, though most of that joy is from playing around with my Demon Sorceress. She is in hot competition with my archer for favorite class right now.

A conundrum indeed.

We are currently leveling her with Persephone and Hades while we grind, because, fun fact, we rebirthed down!

And there was much rejoicing!

We rebirthed on the eighth because we were getting bored of leveling up at higher levels and wanted to get back down to where we could grind with both my Demon Sorceress and our friends. We all know grinding can get a little boring without people to entertain you!

So here are our levels now!

Hecate is my lovely Demon Sorceress who we are trying to push through to first rebirth so we can get our name thrown in for Demon Sorceress contest! She is so much fun and I absolutely love her. My main complaint with her is CP cost, though. With her two buffs that increase her damage of Black Star of Disaster, it costs over 800 CP. For a few classes, such as Angel, this isn't as big of an issue because they have a few skills that gain a considerable amount of CP or can charge for a large amount. 

Demon Sorceress, on the other hand, basically requires hearts. Her charge skill only gains around 80 CP per use, and though it is fast, it still would take 8 charges for one blast. On the other hand, she only has one skill that gains CP and gains is really a term being used lightly here. In reality, every swing only grants her 20 or so CP, which as you can see doesn't really help either.

My look every time I see Hades charge.

I'm hoping in the future, they will give her something that either helps with CP (such as a passive that regenerates over time, similar to health) or lower the cost of Black Star to a more reasonable level. Until then, I will keep buying my CP potions and Cursed Hearts and keep my fingers crossed.

The Guild is going well, if anyone is curious! We are almost level 60 as I type this and have a part of a statue done. Tomorrow, we'll take GH2, which will be nice. We are also figuring out our emblem, trying to get one everyone likes. I really want this guild to work on teamwork and group decisions, so it's nice to have input from my various guild members. 

You are still very welcome to join us if you want! We accept all levels, all experience, as long as you are friendly and active! Just PM Hades, Persephone (me!), Eris, Freyja, or Secos. 

It's just so pretty, plus I made it all by myself!

Besides that news, all I have left is just a sneak peek of something I'm working on. Playing Demon Sorceress and recently finding my tablet has inspired me, so in my off time between packing (since we are moving in a couple weeks) and playing, I've done this.

I've been doodling and coming up with a custom drawing of my new favorite character. At the moment, I only have part of the hair done but I am really enjoying it. I like it without the black border, it makes the curls and waves look a bit more natural, but we'll see in the end how it turns out. Hopefully, you all like what I have so far and let me know if you have any tips or suggestions!

So, with nothing further to add to this quick update, I wish you all good luck and happy hunting!

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