Monday, November 17, 2014

Time for an Update!

Hello again followers!

Just as our game is getting a fresh start and a new home, I think it is high time my blog gets a fresh look, too. But unfortunately my tablet is broken, so it probably won't get an updated look until after my vacation. Any ideas what it should be? 

Also, fun news! Jigg and I have been discussing and he has decided that instead of Princess, he will be playing an Angel/Priest. He is super excited to do so. I, to no one's surprise, will still be playing Archer/Lancer in the new server but may not keep the same name. We will have to wait and see. 

So back to blog update! If you have any suggestions, things that you would like added, things that you think are outdated or need to go, and maybe even theme ideas, let me know in the comments below! Remember, you can always be anon (though I would love to know who you are!).

Until next time, have fun and happy hunting!


  1. Hey Black・Jigg
    How can I contact with you guys except tumbler?
    E-mail?Skype?Twitter?FaceBook? whichever pls let me know.

  2. Same thing what gawain is asking unless you want to remain private :P

  3. Sail as an angel might be interesting. Guess he didn't get enough of panda?

    I'm not surprised to see so many voting for the new class on the poll. When people see something new n shiny they run to it. Idk y but i still like thief.

    Nice to see the blog updates again.


  4. I straightly say that I recruit you guys, Buns, and Cerise.
    I heard you guys are such as good guys from my friends and also I have played Gv with you guys in Plandel in OGP server. If you guys don't have any offer from other guild, pls let me know.

  5. Hey guys! If you want to contact me, just email me at Just let me know who you are when you email me.

    And Gawain, we aren't sure about guilds. We were actually discussing making our own since we've always wanted to but that is still up in the air!

    I'm happy to hear the people think we are good people. We really strive to be nice and accommodating to everyone. I hope you all are doing well! Can't wait to hear from you!