Friday, November 14, 2014

New Server?

Hello again friends!

I see a few of you have been looking at my blog again and like I promised in my last post, I would try to keep everyone updated on any current news.

First up, the bittersweet. Today marks the end of OGP Redstone. I don't know about you guys, but I can't even access OGPlanet's website. Maybe their website is down due to the fact that they are getting rid of a major game or maybe it's just my sporadic internet connection. Either way, Redstone is officially through this phase of its digital life.

But fret not! It looks like Redstone is already starting up its next journey with a website called GameandGame, which has released this little video. 

Hopefully you are as excited as I was when I watched it.

Now, I know some have their doubts. With our years of neglect from OGP, I can't really blame them if they think this timely announcement almost seems too good to be true. But you will have to remember that not all game companies treat their clientele the way that OGP does and if the servers that LnK have anything to say about how they treat their customers, I think we are in for an amazing time!

They are currently doing account transfers but be warned that there has been some sort of glitch that will say that random user's ips are blocked (I was unfortunately one of them) but there has been reassurance on their official Facebook page that this is something that will be fixed once the date for actual registration comes around. So be patient my friends!

I predict that our new home will be opening up sometime in the next few months and hopefully it opens up after December, because I am going on vacation and I would really love to be there when the bright, shiny new server opens its doors for the very first time. 

Until then and until the next update, stay amazing, my readers!

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