Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Good morning!

Today I bring you amazing news! Announced a mere four hours ago, Red Stone Beta will open tomorrow. This is fantastic news for all us impatient people. Now I personally was hoping for a later release date but that was simply because I would not have access to a computer to play until December 31st haha.

So you will not see Jiggs or I playing until the end of the year but with our grind ethic and excitement, hopefully the server doesn't have too much of a head start on us. That being said, I certainly hope they do not increase drop rate or experience rate. Many have requested it and I can see where they are coming from. They are used to being high level and uber geared and many can't even remember a time when they did not have a fantastic character which they could use to power level their lower levels or item hunt.

I personally believe the game is more fun and more rewarding when you know you are earning all those levels and items with no outside help. 

Yes, it can be fun to see your levels shoot up drastically with little to no effort but I know when I finally reached a level point during a week with no power hour and after grinding for a few days at 18 hours a day, it was definitely more satisfying. Dropping items was the same way! Though I'm definitely a person who believes that outside luck plays more into a person's item drop than anything else, considering my absolute best items were dropped when I was running 75 luck and no power hour.

Also, I'm hoping for a full server wipe. Yes, I will miss my toon and all the hard earned items I had on her but I am not complaining. Just as I would not complain about reading a book and being left with only the memories and emotions when I finally read the last page, I do not see any time or money put into the game as a loss. Plus you have to see it from a business stand point, any gear or astros they keep from OGP is money out of the new company's pocket.

I hope you all enjoy the new server and you must let me know how it is! Until next time and next update, have a fantastic day!

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