Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Leveling, Main Quest and a Couple More U's!

Good evening, fellow Redstone players.

I hope your Tuesday went well. I know mine has gone swimmingly. First off, I've gained several levels over the past few days, despite the fact that I've been so focused on main questing with Jigg.

Speaking of main quest, we actually did the next SD just a few hours ago, and I got some screenshots of the boss's entrance, which I thought were very cool.

All hail my fiery explosiveness.

He was relatively easy though and with a priest towering me, I brought him down in a minute or two. It's really fun to be the only damager on a boss and actually be able to take him down. We did finish Chapter 3 and I'm happy to be almost done with main quest. It is surely one of the most difficult quest I've done yet.

Besides that, I've decided to move to Small Cave, where with my Misty Mirror activated and sporting my Gorespout, I can actually take on the Mermen in groups of three to five without worrying too much about my health.

The damage I deal isn't half bad either.

I know it's hard to discern, but I actually criticaled for 12k, but chaser triggered and so I couldn't get too clear a shot. Basically, on a normal hit, I'm doing about 6k damage, and with these guys going down in 10 to 15 seconds at 60k experience each, you can see why I chose this place over Parble. Another plus is that it is more open, making those frustrating "An object is in the way" messages a thing of the past.

On another note, I dropped a couple new U's and pretty happy to see that I can drop them without the boost of a 3X drop rate.

Actually that Necromancer/Opticalist book isn't half bad.

Might keep it in case I'm ever curious to try out a Necromancer or Opticalist, though probably not. I love my archer too much and don't think it wise to split my time and effort between multiple characters. I figure better to have one excellent character rather than several good characters. 

I know a few people are able to do this and have multiple excellent characters but I'm unfortunately not them and as long as I still enjoy my archer, I see no reason to try and change to different class.

Besides that, not too much to report. I'm out of screenshots to give to you.

So I'm gonna take a page from Lilo's book and pass out for the night. I hope you all had wonderful days and have fun!

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