Saturday, May 18, 2013

Long Time, No Post

Good afternoon, Redstone Players.

I hope you are getting the best out of this three day PH weekend. I know I sure am working my butt off. But I realized how much I've neglected this blog, due to real life and in game events, and it seems to be turning into quite the habit, doesn't it? I think that to give you a better idea about posting and free myself from the guilt of not updating, I think I am going to cut down to one or two posts a week.

Anyways, now that that is cleared up, I have some good news and some bad news. I guess bad news first so that I can end this on a happier note.

So, we lost our level four hall. I guess it was fun while it lasted.

Basically me after they massacred us.

We did put up a good fight, but we just didn't have the firepower to stand up to numerous multiple rebirthed characters. I am happy to report that I did take a few down on my own, though I died too many times to count. 

Leveling was also terrible because I was feeling terrible. Actually, it was the worst I've felt in a very, very long time. I was lucky to get a couple levels a day but luckily, after a lot of bed rest and just waiting out the ickiness, I felt good enough to start leveling during PH.

Speaking of levels, I got to 500! Very exciting to reach 500 in a month and a half. Maybe I'll be rebirthed the end of this month and at most, next month. It is really cool to think that I've done all this without the crutch of power level and through my own sweat, blood, and tears. That makes me feel really good about myself, to be honest.

Actually, I am now 518 now and you know what that means! 

I finally switched to Knowledge Archer and this is probably the most amazing thing ever. I love, love, love being a Knowledge Archer and I don't think I ever want to switch back to Power.

Jigg's and my reaction to being a knowledge archer.

After being a Knowledge Archer, I don't think I ever want to change classes. It is so much fun and makes grinding so much more enjoyable. I also made sure that I was super avoid built, so as well as hitting 5k times five on anything in my vicinity, I also almost never get hit, especially with Misty Mirror. 

Not too many U's yet to be had but they will come eventually, and levels are more important anyways. 

Besides that, not too much else to report. I will probably post a video of my Knowledge Archer kicking butts and taking names, along with a guide on my favorite classes ever. Until then, I will report back to the grind and see you all around Prandel! Good luck and happy hunting.

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