Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Post Before the Storm

Good morning/evening, Redstone players.

This is my post before the extra freaking long post that will be coming. I warn you now, that post will be full of excitement, leveling, unique items, and general happiness. Also it will be very, very, very long. But this is the ease in post of that. Actually, this really won't have much to do with that but figured that I would warn you about the imminent post and that you may want to wait a couple days if you don't want to read it.

Ok, so as you will find out in that coming post, I gained a lot of levels in my one month of leveling. These levels, I feel, were all well earned. Never did I sit charging every few minutes while a higher level character killed for me. Power leveling is not something I believe in but can't say that I haven't gone and helped a few lower levels, merely because something good or exciting happened to me that I wanted to share that good fortune and happiness with others.

It is interesting, though, seeing all these people with multiple different characters and sometimes I wonder if I am somehow missing something, wondering if I'm in the wrong not creating and leveling three different classes.

Yet I think how much I love my Archer/Lancer and everything that I enjoy about it. With its diversity of range and close combat, and its ability to be a knowledge powerhouse or physical steamroller, it is a character that I can't help but love playing. Dummies and Side Step make Lancer not only fun but also survivable in grinding and in PvP. The sheer speed and range of Archer makes it an effective killer no matter the map. 

There are moments where I look at other players and their multitudes of characters and find myself tempted to create an alternate. Just this weekend, I dropped so many Necromancer specific unique items that I was sure the game wanted me to create one. 

But then I turn back to my Archer, still very much a baby archer with only one month under her belt, and I fall in love with her all over again. To be able to hit almost five digits at my level and kill most things before they can even hit me makes me giddy every time it happens. The excitement and anticipation to reach 500 so I can try my hand at a knowledge archer makes me almost impatient to gain my levels.

As she grows, I grow as well. I learn how to efficiently run my character, which items will be best for her depending on how I decide to play her, how to play her in a group setting, and generally become a better player overall. 

She is my first character and my only character. I can't say I haven't tried a few other classes, and I actually started out with a Champion but deleted her after about fifteen levels, but none have I enjoyed as much as Archer.

Many have asked me at one point or another why I stick with one character, how I don't find myself utterly bored out of my mind playing the same character day in and day out, how I don't have at least one other playable alternate character. I suppose this is my answer to those several questioners.

I would rather be the best I can be on one character, then just okay on several different characters. As Abraham Lincoln spoke, "I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end."

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