Friday, May 10, 2013

My One Month Anniversary

Happy Friday, fellow Redstone players!

Adding a read more for all you poor people who don't want to be bombarded by the length of this post.

First off, I'd like to apologize for not posting in a long time. This week has been hectic and grinding, leveling and the power hour weekend really took up most of my time. Anyways, I have very exciting news!

So, as you know, I was really striving to do two things before the end of my one month of gaming. First, I wanted to finish main quest, so that I can start turning in Redstones to get main quest rewards. 

And ding, one goal done!

I actually really enjoy playing this game because of the art in it, including the secret dungeon bosses from Main Quest. Just beautiful.

Anywho, it was all very exciting and was very happy to see this.

So I ran the Heaven SD with Jigg and got a few nice screenshots, since that place is aesthetically gorgeous. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of these screenshots have gone missing but here is at least one that I have.

Then I was bombarded with a huge list of things to choose from, and almost felt a little lost. 

Luckily, I was able to consult my guild members and they said that the 10% Health bonus would probably be a great way to start my Redstone journey.

So, 10% was a nice little boost and that will definitely add up in the end.

Okay, enough about my first goal! I was just so excited that I feel like I went off on a tangent, but this news is so much more exciting. My other goal for my one month anniversary was to reach 400. I thought this may take all weekend but was really determined to reach this goal. 

Never ever did I think that this would happen.

Yeah, that's right! I reached 400 on the first day! Not even the first day, only 5 hours into the first day. Actually, by the end of the weekend, I was this level.

Which means, I can finally wear my Drake Plume. All of this was just so overwhelming. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was.

I cannot believe that I reached this level in a month. It was so crazy and wonderful and exciting, and I am so proud of myself. I just cannot describe it any more than that, and before I vomit out more acronyms for my mood, I'll just continue on other things that happened that were so exciting.

I had other very good things happen. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I have been inspired to become a knowledge archer. Of course, before this weekend, I didn't happen to have the bow to do such a thing. I did have a dream bow, known as Slender Bow, but thought I'd never ever see one, let alone own one. But then, to my surprise, a fellow guild member knew someone who was selling.

Basically, mine and Jigg's reaction to this news.

After discussing and making offers, suddenly, in my possession was my dream bow. To my dismay, my screenshot of this most wonderful happening ever has also been erased.

I did, however, get a screenshot of me NXing the bow. I was able to acquire 10 flame stones, through winning the poetry event, find the NPC event, and buying out various flames when the market was flooded with them. Also, with the "Return to the Game" event for people who hadn't played in a while, I've been able to buyout a bunch of Bellows of Mysterious Winds. 

So, like probably a few dozen other people in game, I set out to NX my dream bow, knowing that it wouldn't fail and also that it will be so much better.

So, even though you cannot compare for yourself, here is my slender bow NXed.

Let the happy dancing commence.
It went from 1/4 knowledge to 1/3, plus one of those two slots has magic critical chance, which is very much exciting. You can see how this bow will be very pro for a knowledge archer, especially with the lower fire resistance by 70%. Couple this with a tattoo that increases my fire damage by 120%, you can see how my knowledge archer would kick ass. 

I do have the arrow Hwajun, but unfortunately, I cannot wear it any level less than 600, but with that, it has an extra 30% decrease of fire resistance. You can see why I would love to be able to use this, but until then, I will have to access what arrow I will use in its stead.

Also this weekend, my screen was just full of unique drops, since I now have more than 800 luck. I actually took screenshots of each individual drops but at the end, I decided that instead to just show you the ones which I decided to take to the NPC to break. I think I dropped a couple other things that I plan to sell, but not enough for me to sort through the couple dozen screenshots to just show you what I'm just planning to sell. 

You have no idea how long it took me to get this sorted in my inventory.

As you can see, nothing absolutely to die for but I did get a bunch of tantilis pieces and mystery stone pieces, which I then thought it to be a wonderful idea to try and level my EW Spear from level III to V, since my poor Lancer side is lacking so much compared to my Archer. 

I mean, what could go wrong?

Everything. Everything could go wrong.

I am now left with a mere level I EW Spear, and now my poor baby Lancer is just left with almost no power. This is obviously a huge problem and don't want to be one sided, but diverse in my abilities, to be able to switch between my two sides without worrying about not being a heavy hitter on one of those sides. 

This is why I come to you with a plea, dear players. I am searching for a Flying Buttress. There is a knowledge spear that I would really love, but unfortunately, being as new as I am, I am unsure if this spear is actually in game yet or not.

From this website, which I highly recommend if you ever need any information on anything Redstone, there is a spear the varies between the names Spear of the Magi and Spear of the Sage. Either name, it is an amazing knowledge lancer spear and I would love to have it. 

If you know if this spear is in game, could you tell me? It would be nice to know if it is actually something worth wishing for or if I should be looking for another alternative. 

I know for sure, though, that I want Flying Buttress for a power Lancer and if you have one and are looking to offload it on someone, my hands (and in game wallet) are very much open.

Okay, enough with trying to ask you guys to sell me awesome stuff, I have a couple other things to talk about, then you can go on your merry way.

On Friday, we did our point war, and it actually went really, really well! We actually had enough damagers to make our way through those really annoying worms and for the first time ever, I got to see the final boss.

Unfortunately, he hit extremely hard, and one hit kill even a couple of our strongest players. By some sort of miracle, he did not kill me, even after he somehow thought that attacking me would be a good idea. I thank my luck and Misty Mirror for this amazing feat. Even with that, we still pulled off an amazing score.

Yet, somehow, we were still defending our hall, and yet again, another no show. It turned out that they were an alternate guild and after speaking with them, we actually set up a GVG with them to see how various members' builds, including myself, worked when fighting other characters. 

I think I did relatively well, considering I wasn't able to wear my Drake Plume quite yet and my DP is probably the lowest anyone has ever seen on a level 400 character. Plus, I wasn't using healing/charging potions or Dragon Hearts, and for some reason, my Dark Mini Pet didn't seem to work on the GvG field. It was a nice taste, though, to see how to effectively play my character since GvG is such a different animal compared to PvM.

Also started the Breaking Damage Limit quest, which I can see will be very frustrating and long, but considering I am already hitting 12k's on monsters, I figure to start it now then have to worry about it later.

The Kingdom of the Dark Elf is where I have to hunt for my Origin Pieces and those monsters are actually kind of a challenge. They actually resist my damage absorb, and with the walls and rooms to navigate, sometimes close combat is the only option. This would be as big of deal if I hadn't ruined my lancer EW.

A good thing has come out of this place, though.

Yep, just killing the Dark Elf King, who I must say, wasn't that easy of a challenge, gave me a load of experience and I completed a quest just for defeating him. It was very nice. 

I've been debating writing a guide for Archer/Lancer. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment what you think!

Besides that, I don't have too much else to report. I'll try not to neglect my blog as much in the future and hoping this weekend to get a nice Power Hour and even more levels, to get even closer to that magical rebirth level.

Until next time, have fun and happy hunting, fellow Redstone players!

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  1. You are flying at warp speed!
    Grats on everything!
    Well, everything besides your Lancer EW that is.

    GL from MattSoko