Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Success Tastes So Sweet!

Good afternoon, Prandel!

This past week or so has been quite busy for Jigg and me, so haven't leveled too much. This past weekend, though, the released the August events, which looks like it could be fun, and we had a long PH weekend. Jigg and I really didn't grind much until late Sunday night/early Monday morning.

Since we had just gotten paid and last week was our anniversary but we were poor, we decided to celebrate and to spread the good feelings, I decided to ring a bell, so hopefully you all were on to experience that!

We were grinding at Motel 2F, one of my favorite grinding spots because of the raw experience and all the mobs are so close together. During the bell, I was getting a little over 1 million from the Ghost Armours, and Jigg, being pure wisdom, was getting well over 1.6 million. 

I ended up getting 14 levels and Jigg got 16, once more outleveling me with his wisdom build.

Fun fact, it took me exactly 9 weeks again to reach 600 again, just like last time. At this rate, 3rd RB will be 10 October and 4th RB will be 12 December. I hope for sooner but we'll just have to wait and see.

I know that I said I was working on getting origin pieces but unfortunately this PH weekend messed that up, making me level too quickly, so I decided that I would finish the last 900 or so pieces during my 2nd rebirth.

So now I am just focusing on grinding, and will rebirth as close to 500 as possible, so that I can just go straight to Gem room and start collecting pieces.

Also, this week they are doing a mirror sale and I realized that I hadn't shown off a couple gears that I made so here are some much need screenshots for you lovely readers.

Now the reason that I don't enchant/mix/mirror more of my gears is because I like to take a safe way to getting my mixed gears. I try to get multiple (at least 2) of any gear that I want to improve and then enchant until I have 2 similar mixed gears. Take, for instance, my Stray Stalker. Before I will try to enchant it with something else, I will try to get another 2x Fast Attack Stray. That way, if one of them were to fail, I will not be at a loss for gear. I will always have a back up. 

Though of course it is the best thing ever when it succeeds.

Of course, this could take longer and maybe cost more depending how lucky I am, but I prefer this over just enchanting willy-nilly and hoping for the best. 

Each to their own, I suppose.

Besides that, haven't had any real exciting drops to mention. Just a bunch of nab unique items that I broke to get a bunch of pieces. Didn't have any GvGs and unfortunately Jigg and I were not around for the SW, and we ultimately lost but this weekend, we should be taking back our beloved level 4 hall.

Until next time, my lovely readers, good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!

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