Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here, Have All the Screenshots!

Good afternoon, blog readers!

I have been grinding a lot this weekend and gained a whole lot of levels. Unfortunately, just as Jigg and I were about to try and do our second run of Molinar SD correctly this time (with the help of the wonderful guide at Redstone Hunter this time), the server just seemed to crash.

Before I could get too angry, though, I tried OGP's website and see that they have a two-hour time slot dedicated to server maintenance, so can't be angry at that.

Still wasn't too happy about it though.

Jigg and I grinded our butts off this weekend, and even with being in a full PT most of the weekend, gained quite a bit of levels.

We decided to have Jigg have extra wisdom so that he can reach RB level sooner, and then when he does, drop him until my Archer is the same level. That way he can work on an alternate toon that he has been wanting to make for quite a while.

Now for some fun screenshots for all of you to enjoy!


Latest update on my MQ rewards! Only 2 more until I can start upgrading Alchemy.

Finally finished these two. 
I have a bad habit of putting off quests and so decided to upgrade these two for extra space on both BC and Jigg while he was at work.
And, wow, Porter Quest 5 took me over 3 hours to complete.


Dropped the 2nd best DXU Knowledge Archer Armour and totally forgot to SS until after I NX'd it. Ugh, so mad at myself for forgetting that.

Almost did the same thing with my new hunting bow. I had this at 1/2 x2 and thought, "What the heck, if it breaks, it breaks. If not, well then I'll have a pretty good hunting bow."
So that's how my thought process went when I mirrored this weapon.

So I decided to NX it to give me a bit more damage and with it and my luck shoes I've shown before, I don't really have to add any luck at all.


This is the first full PT I have ever been in outside of Guild related things.
Luckily we had RSD 6 I believe, so experience didn't suffer too much.

My Waterfall damage with a Great Dragon Horn, no debuffs.

My Waterfall damage with a Great Dragon Horn with Jigglypuff's Super Nova.
We are a very strong combo and I love it.

Switched to Power for these last 20 or so levels to conserve Great Dragon Hearts. 
This is my damage with my lovely new hunting bow with a Blade Oil, just Seeker, since you can't really tell what it is with Chaser.

 See, I told you so.

And to finish off this huge compilation post of all the fun screenshots I had, have a picture of 3 rebirth archers sitting leisurely in Brun.

Thanks goes to XxSakixX and Kirishima for putting up with my dozens of Screenshots.
We looked for a 4th RB archer to round it off but none were online sadly.

Speaking of RB Archers, a huge congratulations to Saki for (finally haha) becoming 4th RB. Now you all can stop pestering him about when he is going to rebirth.

Only 20ish levels until I get to RB myself, so hopefully will get that in a week or two! 

So until next time, faithful readers, good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!


  1. gz on.....
    the 3x bow
    the 4 nx slots
    and the nice armor

  2. Dear Canary,

    I've been following your blog since nearly the start, and aside from being a constant source of amusement and enjoyment, it made me really want to try playing Red stone. I'd tried once before and found the entire experience rather an ordeal.

    So I redownloaded the game, and the went through a truly epic back and forth with OGP to try and get the game to install, but alas, to no avail, so I gave it up. Recently, we got given an old laptop, and on a whim I tried the installer for Red Stone. Sha-bam! Magic!

    Now I'm set with the impressive task on trying to read up about all the classes (and trying to choose which to make first! Little Witch, Demon, Summoner, Magic Archer and Spiritualist are all hot competition. ): ) and finding out as much about the game as possible, so as not to feel so completely lost as I my first attempt.

    I greatly look forward to touching bases sometime with you in-game, your blog has been absolutely great, and really encouraged me to try and play again.

    Yours sincerely.

    1. Hey!

      Wow, this is really awesome, and you have no idea how much this comment means to me. I know quite a few people have had issues with the downloader (myself included!) but I'm happy that you finally got to play.

      As for classes, the only one I have more than a basic understanding of is my Archer, so I have a little bias when I say it is my favorite haha. But each and every class is good in its own right and it all really depends on your personal play style, whether you want to be an all out killer, a strong support character, or even a fun debuffer who in a way messes with the other team. Even each class has different play styles, such as Archer/Lancer can be Knowledge, Physical, and KO, so you can adapt any class to how you like to play!

      I would love to talk to you, and feel free to PM me in-game or even PM Jigg if you can't get a hold of me. Also you can always comment here and hopefully next time I can respond a lot faster than I did to this one (sorry for the delay!).

      Until next time, thank you so much for reading my blog and hopefully I can continue to entertain you!

      Have a wonderful day!