Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sea Turtles, Dolphins, and Leveling - Oh My!

Good evening, Redstone players!

This weekend was a blast for Jigg and me, though we didn't get to experience the PH much. Sunday we actually did one of the most amazing things that  I've done ever: we went snorkeling with wild sea turtles and saw Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Unfortunately we were unable to get in the water with the dolphins as the tour we were on was strapped for time. But we did snorkel in two different spots and I swam with three different sea turtles and feed these awesome little fish that ate fish food right out between your fingers. I will have to post pictures later if any of them turned out good.

In game, things were pretty quiet, not too many people grinding at my current spots. Decided to take Panda to try out Molinar 5F, and the experience there was decent and drops were pretty good. 

The only problem I had there was the fact that when a bell was rung, the drops would just explode and that combined with the enemies attack animations and my own waterfall animation (even if changed to pretty green bubbles) would lag out my screen.

These were my drops without a bell, now you can only imagine with.

Even though I got a lot of drops, there weren't really any notable U drops, though my guildies were having great drops left and right. We did manage to pack on some levels in the little time we did play.

We did try our hand at Molinar 6F and found that I could kill there very effectively and the same at Forest in Time Elves, which all this makes me love Knowledge Archer just that much more.

If only I could hug my Archer, we'd be best friends for sure.

Besides these not too exciting developments only one more, not-related-to-Redstone-whatsoever I will actually be opening an Etsy this weekend and I'd love it if all of you would check it out when I get it up. 

Until next time, I love all of you wonderful people. Good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!

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