Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Good afternoon!

Yesterday I didn't post mostly because I was so busy with events, grinding and a LAN party that by the end of the day, I was so tired that I forgot all about this blog. 

After a much needed twelve hour nap, though, I'm up and raring to go. So I will tell you about yesterday. There were two events yesterday, the morning one which was a huge success. 

So if you can't see, I have two Chrismas Boxes, and to my surprise, one of them was a luxurious box! Oh my gosh, I was so happy because just the night before I was saying how much I wanted a Drake Plume. 

Plus, I finally got my reskill scroll!

Actually, I got several of them. Like the title says, ask and ye shall receive. 

The afternoon event wasn't as exciting but still got quite a few dragon hearts and devil's anvils. 

Besides that, there was lots of grinding and I got to this level.

Then I went to LAN party and had loads of fun there, playing Halo 4 and Injustice. After that, came home and passed out. I was hoping when I woke up this morning that there would be PH for this weekend, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that way. We do have a SW against MYTH, though I've never heard of them, and hopefully that will be fun. Maybe I'll take a video if it is interesting enough. 

Until then, have a great Saturday and an exciting weekend.

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