Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BlackCanary Level

Hello again!

Wooh, a post, a page, and the whole website design in one day! Sure getting my internet workout done today!

Ok, so as you know, I've only been playing for about 8 days. And this is my current level:

Which I'm told is relatively good at my level and the time which I've been playing. I know a lot of you are probably thinking either A.) I had my husband drag me around with him and level or B.) I had someone else do that. Thankfully, neither of these are true.

Ever since I was but a wee child, I've hated it when people play my games for me. I didn't catch that Pokemon, release it. I didn't do that stage, replay it. I didn't earn that level, restart at an earlier save. It's always been a pet peeve of mine if someone says "Let me play on your character" or "Let show you how to do this" or "Let me do that for you".

I think it stems from the fact that I didn't earn that, thus I don't get to feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with earning that super high level, beating that really hard boss, catching that extremely rare Pokemon.

I guess it has filtered in this game as well, and so every time he's like "Oh let me go into this angel toon and just holy cross the crap out of all these mobs" I cringe a little. To be completely honest, though, he has gotten me maybe 10 or 15 of my 236 levels, and this is due to him either basically kidnapping me with an angel call or logging on to my account and leveling for me.

So I guess my solo adventure isn't 100% pure but I'm trying extremely hard to earn these levels without outside help.

I know I won't always be able to solo, as I've been told the higher guild dungeons you are basically required to bring a priest or you will never get through them, but I'm trying my hardest to earn my levels myself. Not by constantly harassing someone, going "PT? PT? PT?" until they relent. Not giving someone my login and asking them to run my toons everyday while I do absolutely nothing. Not leeching off of someone, charging every three minutes, while they do all the work.

No, I want to be 600 one day and think, "Man, that was long and hard, but I'm so glad that those are my levels. Not my husbands. Not my guild master's. Not some random person sitting at the Colos spot. Mine."

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