Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reskilled and Loving It!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Hope everyone's weekend was fantastic and you all got the levels you wanted to achieve! I hopefully will. Like I said yesterday, I was really hoping for a PH this weekend and with that in mind, I was hoping to achieve 380 so that I could move to Small Cave, where I hear experience is killer. Unfortunately, that of course did not happen and I had to lower my expectations quite a bit. So by reset I'm hoping to achieve 350 and this is my current level.

Only three more levels and with two GDs still to do, I think I will make my goal.

The reason I haven't already achieved my levels is because I've been working on main quest with Jigg. Figured since it wasn't a PH weekend, it was a prime time to soar through those MQ chapters. We actually just finished the Chapter 3 Part 4 SD and that was actually a lot of fun. I'm not sure if many of you know/remember what this SD looks like. Luckily I took a screenshot of the map (warning, you may have to enlarge the picture to see it correctly).

Yep, that little tiny person on the map is me. Let me tell you, I loved this huge map. It meant that, unlike the stupidly small and condensed maps of the rest of the game, I actually got to try out the entire extent of my range. Of course, it doesn't help that my bow alone has 900 shooting range, but it is frustrating being an archer and Jigg can somehow throw a bottle the same distance I can shoot on a normal map simply because I can't see any monsters further than the edge of my map.

Anywho, again if you have forgotten this SD, here is the big boss man.

He did hit pretty hard with his magical fire and lightning bursts but with a priest to heal/tower me, we took him down eventually. Funny enough, his walls of fire stayed and for whatever reason they didn't hurt you after he died. Here is me, just chilling in the middle of some of it.

Oh me? I like Pina Coladas, long walks, and getting caught in the fiery hells of Satan.

Now just taking a break, since I can't do anymore SD's for the day and figured I hadn't posted on here all day. 

Looking through my screenshots, I realized I hadn't posted a couple of new titles I have! First off, I did my two master quests, which were surprisingly easy. 

Also realized I got Viability 1 done so now I can viability hunt once I get the right gears and probably a fire mini pet so that it can give me a buffer with first aid. Until then, I'll probably stick with my Gorespout and not getting down to terrifyingly low health.

Another thing I did was use my reskill scroll, just to fix up all those rookie mistakes I made in the beginning so very long ago (if two weeks is really that long). I'm very happy with this but will probably reskill once more after I switch to a knowledge/luck archer, which will make grinding a lot easier.

This past Friday (which I failed to mention, shame on me) I participated in my first Point War with this character. Unfortunately, I was the lowest level one to attend and the first go around, I was the second to die  when a golem appeared out of freakin' nowhere and decided that killing me was on the top of its list. 

We did a second go, though, and that time I did not die (yay!) but we still didn't finish (boo!). I was actually doing really good damage, we just didn't have enough high damagers in the party. Hopefully when I'm higher level, I'll be more useful.

Also, Siege War was absolutely boring. Nothing to report, just a no show and our guild sitting around for a number of minutes just goofing off and whatnot.

Speaking of damage, this is my damage now on Seeker.

I must say, that isn't half bad damage, especially when Chaser triggers. 

Last thing I'd like to report is since I reskilled, I actually got this really fun Lancer skill called Distraction that actually adds dummies of myself that the enemies attack instead of me. It is really funny to watch sometimes as a whole hoard of enemies start attacking this motionless clone of me while I run off in the distance, cackling.

You idiot worms, I'm over here. 

Besides that, not too much else to report. Just gonna go back, do some GD's, maybe a little more MQ, and then catch some ZZZ's. Until next time, have fun and happy hunting!

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