Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Day, New Level, Same Old Rant

Hey guys, me again!

Using my lancer picture mostly due to the fact that currently I'm using her to grind instead of my archer, which today in my hour of gameplay has gotten me a level. 

If you can't tell from the cropping, I'm currently soloing at Redeye Do-or-Die Corps B2, and the reason why I'm using my lancer is instead of having to pick enemies off one by one, I lure a large group and use Spear of Surprise. Sure, Seeker and Chaser do more damage than Spear of Surprise could ever hope to achieve.

But that is what I have Entrapment Piercing for.

As you can see, I'm not doing crazy damage as a lancer but to be able to hit my enemies all at once and with my aura have a chance to stun at least a couple of them, it makes leveling easier, especially when my experience looks like this

(Yay for a treasure map on a map that I don't actually have the map for)

So as you can see, when I take on ten or fifteen monsters, those 20k's start turning into 200k to 300k. Though as you can see, it isn't that much of a boost in my experience (granted this was only after luring maybe five monsters)

Wow, look at my blue bar just skyrocket. Though I shouldn't complain, I guess I'm just spoiled. When I had GM buffs, I was able to do this kind of damage at level 7.

And now with just regular NPC buffs at 237.

And that is with using Seeker, while my baby self was using I believe a level 7 arrow shot. So I was extremely lucky to have my first day ever super buffed and killing anything within range of me. Now, the levels are coming slower, obviously due to that and just being higher level, but slowly but surely making my way up to that golden 600+ so I can rebirth.

On a side note, pretty much everyone and their brother (including yours truly) was extremely pissed last night. For most of the day, the login was acting buggier than usual, taking some hours to log in multiple toons. For me, it took nearly 20 minutes just to log in my one. Then there were all sorts of connectivity problems, so I was just like "Screw it, I just got Injustice. I'm gonna go play that for a few hours, then come back and hopefully run my GDs before reset." 

And that is what I did, and surprise surprise, when I can back on, the server was completely down for "surprise maintenance" and reset came and went, with no GDs for me to show for it. Of course I could do them earlier in the day, but I generally wait for Jigg to come home so we can run it together with one of his alternates. So that got me really pissed. It seems fixed today but you can't blame me for being on edge, just waiting for this "fix" to cause a dozen more problems.

Whew, rant done. One more side note, I wrote a poem for the poetry contest OG is having. You can go check it out and leave me a comment on what you think!

Until next time!

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